Thursday, July 9, 2020

Tour de Fleece Check In

"You still spinning every day?"

I haven't missed a day of the Tour this year.  On a couple days I only spun for 10-15 minutes, but that's better than the zero minutes I was spinning before :-).  

I've got all the Tunis spun and am working on chain plying it.  Chain plying is taking your spun single and making a really long looped crochet stitch with it and then adding your ply twist and winding it on the bobbin.  Make a loop, add twist, wind on the bobbin.  Make a loop, add twist...  You start with one strand of yarn and end up with basically a three ply yarn.

I washed Kaala's fleece yesterday...and my washing machine died on the final rinse (thanks, 2020 :-/).  At least it was the final rinse.  I'm hoping it can be fixed because the newfangled washing machines are not useful for washing wool and the old ones are hard to find.  Kaala should be dry today and I'll start carding it.  I'm planning on spinning six ounces.

The Leicester Longwool curls are also sitting out ready for some attention.  I'm still trying to decide exactly what I want to do with them.  There are four ounces of curls.

There's still a decent risk of a photo finish for the end of the Tour, but I'm hopeful I can complete my challenge before the end.  

Keep spinning!


Lady Locust said...

What to do with those long curls? Just pet them :-) Admire them. Try not to drool on them (heehee)

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are making progress. I have all my project washed and dried now...onto carding one day when it is not 90 degrees and a wind storm:)

haseeb ali said...

If you can't have another dog, what about a llama? I know you'd be glad to have more fiber, since you are sadly deprived in that area. one-time offer

knitski said...

Busy as ever! Our summer here in Montana is very cool and refresht hat way! Spin away!

karen said...

beautiful photos!!

LannieK said...

Great photos! At least you're making progress. Me... I've been traveling around the state. Now that I am home and it's a sweltering 98° in the forest :-o maybe I can get some spinning done. Better late than never! Keep up the beautiful spinning ~

MarmePurl said...

Chain plying. That’s a new one for me. So interesting.
Despite my enthusiasm early on, I have failed at returning to my spinning wheel. Doing all the outside work of two has me spent. But that’s ok. I am feeling accomplished at all I have been able to maintain!


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