Saturday, July 11, 2020

So Hot

Heat is much harder on sheep than cold. Yet another reason I know I'm a sheep.  We are all miserable...but hanging in there.




I made the mistake of sharing the following video with Saint Tim and a couple friends.  Now whenever I complain about the heat they all say (very melodramatically) "Oh, it's so hot.  So, so hot."  I'm glad I still think it's funny.  Mostly ;-).

Enjoy :-D


Cheryl West said...

No doubt you are hotter in KY than here in Ct but the humidity does me in. I feel for you and your sheep. You should all have a cool soaking tub. Would the sheep like that or just a water spray or perhaps a splash pad for all of you?
Take care.

Vandermolen said...

Baa baa baa. No summer for me!

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, ye never should have showed 'them' that video! LOL

Far Side of Fifty said...

Put up the fans! It was warm here today not sweaty hot like it has been. Maybe all the sheeps need popcicles:)

sophy0075 said...

96f here. 76 dew point. Sauna. Which makes me wonder why Finns like saunas? No break until October.

I don’t like freezing cold, but not crazy about south GA long summer weather either. Especially with a mask on.

knitski said...

Summer in MT has been stellar high 30s to low 40s at night and right now mid-70s during the day. I certainly feel for everyone though and I for one would never choose humidity and heat over colder temps ever!

Hoping some cooler weather or at least lower humidity arrives!

Delrene from Carlsbad, Ca. said...

Pretty warm here in Carlsbad, Ca. But having been to Ky and the south, it’s the humidity, can pack a real wallop. Take care and stay as cool with the fans on the sheep and your horses. It’s ��

LannieK said...

The heat just kills me ~ I must be a sheep, too.
Can't wait for fall 🍂🐑💕

karen said...

I hide in the AC when it's hot and humid. Your sheep are beautiful!!


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