Friday, October 19, 2018

Fine Fall Day

We've had a couple stunner days this week.  Twice I sat down out in the barn and just enjoyed it.  Both days Muffin laid down, curled up next to me.  Treasured memories for sure.

"Spend the afternoon.  You can't take it with you."  Annie Dillard

Rebecca Boone




The little darlin' ;-)

Pretty Petunia


  1. So nice to see some of the cast of characters. ;-)

  2. Great photos! I sat with Chance outside most of his last afternoon...we made the best of our sitting close to each other time...gosh I miss that dog. :(

  3. Ahhhh . . . glad you are taking time to sit and enjoy your creatures, the surroundings and nice fall weather. We are having the same here in No. CA. Such a treat. Winter is not far off, but we can savor the lovely days while they last.

  4. Sunny fall afternoons are THE Best ~ especially if you can spend them with your sheep!

  5. Seems like everyone is enjoying the better weather. Wish it could stay like this all year!

  6. A warm day in the warm sun is BLISS!

  7. This morning is great cool and filtering of Anna’s Hummers abound. Heading out to the barn soon and proclaim today hug your Dairy goat day on the farm. Shameful that often we get so busy pitching, cleaning and feeding we slack off on the ❤️

  8. Fine fall days are my favourite days of the whole year. I’m glad you’re having a chance to enjoy them. Your sheep portraits are lovely.

  9. We finally had a frost here last night! I love the fall sun as well just slicing through the sky at that perfect angle to stop and take a break to soak it all up!

  10. I spent time with our little flock yesterday until Speck tried to sit on my lap. She is a chunky young ewe now!

  11. Such wonderful characters on your farm. So many like the fence rail “pillow”.

    I think summer has finally decided to exit; even here in the land of palmettos. Welcome, Fall!

  12. The little darlin' looks pretty sweet when she is asleep!
    Gotta love those lazy warm fall days.


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