Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bring Out Your Wool

"Hey, 20, what are you doing?"

"I'm trying to decide which sweater I'm going to wear to the Hug a Sheep Day farm party on Saturday."

"I wish this awesome fall weather would last all year, but it's supposed to be cloudy and kind of cold on Saturday.  We are all going to need to wear wool, especially me since I just got sheared at the Kentucky Wool Festival*.  I found my Ford sweater, B. Willard's sweater and Jester's, but I couldn't find Baaxter's Carbeth."

"It's at the house.  I took it to New York last week.  Um, could I wear your Ford sweater this year?"

"If I can wear your Carbeth!"


Don't forget this Saturday, October 27th, is National Hug a Sheep Day!  We are once again having our Open Farm Day from 1:00 to 4:00 that afternoon.  Dress warm, because as of right now it's looking a bit chilly, but you never know with the weather.  If I could order up a day like the last few we've had...well, I'd be pretty popular, eh?  ;-D

As always, there will be sheep to hug, sheep to feed cookies and crackers to (but not too many cookies, please!), some dogs to feed (VERY few cookies to :-o), hot cider and snacks, a bonfire, some spinners and knitters (bring your current projects!) and I'm sure another very heated game of Lego Sheep Shearing.  We are also happy to talk sheep, sheep care, answer questions if we can...

If you need more information or directions, please shoot me an email.  Hope to see you on Saturday!

*If you missed the video of Bill shearing 20 at the Kentucky Wool Festival, you will want to go watch it.  Just follow the link above.


JaneJMtl said...

Oh, this sounds like great fun! I wish I could be there, but since I can't, at least I can enjoy the photos I'm sure you'll be posting after the event (take lots, please!).

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'd love to come..if I didn't live so far away! Have a great time.

savannah said...

My birthday is october 27th. I'm so honored that it's the same day as hug a sheep day.
I want to come so bad! I want to hug bisscuutt and muuffffiinn!!
But,I've been in the hospital and I'm recovering. I live in florida and it would be worth the drive to Kentucky to hug your sheep,dogs and cats. Although cat hugging
Is a bit risky at best. Have a wonderful,wooly sheep hugging day!!!🐑🐑🐑🐑

Deb said...

That 20 is a well-behaved sheep. He did have that dopey "why am I sitting on my rump look" though.

At least Bill didn't do the "want to see me shear a sheep blind-folded" routine!

MarmePurl said...

So glad for the Hug-a-sheep reminder. Mine have been a bit neglected in the hugs and love department while I give all my hugs to a muched loved human. I will make it up to them on Saturday. Treats included.

20 will look devine in the carbeth.

Unknown said...

20, what a trooper.......getting shorn :)

sophy0075 said...

Oh how I wish I could be there! You’ve been to three sheep festivals this year. Alas, my annual score is zilch 😪. I hope your weather is perfect and your animals are on their best behavior (especially Maisie) and that Weaslie is careful of her leg. Please give everyone a hug for me. And a chin scritch.

Cheryl West said...

I hope your weather is not too cold, at least the sheep will be comfortable.
We went from mild to pretty crispy and the trees finally have some color.
Have a great day with hugs all around.

Terry and Linda said...

Someday, someday, someday I want to come!

Sheepmom said...

Everyday is a great day to hug some sheep! Hoping the official day is stellar! I'll send cyber hugs and wishes that I could be there. Good luck!

Far Side of Fifty said...

We will miss it by a few weeks. Hope you have a good turn out. Great video of 20:)

Benita said...

Next year I will get to come!!! They moved the Fiber Expo to the second weekend in October! Woohoo!!!!!


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