Saturday, October 20, 2018

All We Need Is Some (Leaf) Color

Lots of color in the flock though.

I think Bullwinkle is a little sweet on Muffin ;-).

How about a new puzzle.  Enjoy!


  1. Hank is always there! You have a colorful flock:)

  2. It is certainly nice to have a colorful flock.

    Our autumn in CT is so far very muted. I read today that due to the prolonged warmth and plentiful rain we may not have much color. Just the falling leaves.

    So happy your weather has finally cooled down.

  3. We've had so much rain that our colors are not crisp or clear. :(

  4. Color? On palmetto leaves? Live oaks? Pine trees? Nope 😒 Maybe the sweet gums will turn yellow (pronounced “yellah” down here) in mid-November. Thanks for sharing your leaves and your flock. And I agree with Bullwinkle. Muffin is a cutie.


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