Monday, March 5, 2018

Spring Shearing

Our favorite shearer, Bill Haudenschield, was in town for a few days last week (with his nephew Dustin :-) so we decided to go ahead and shear a week or so early this year.  It was a beautiful day, the company was excellent, the sheep all behaved (mostly ;-) and the fleeces look good.  Here are some of my favorite pictures.


Rebecca Boone



Biscuit...all those pretty curls :'-(.

The video.


Note Liddy in the background.  Just after I took this picture, she stuck her head through the gate and grabbed a packet of french fries!


Clover Belly




The Little Darlin'...

...who actually behaved quite well this year!

This is the extended version of the video I posted the other day.  Instagram has a 60 second limit.  This is 30 seconds longer...and cuter.  I just love these!

You'll notice a few sheep didn't get shorn.  They are the oldies who don't have enough fat on them (Allie, Annabelly, Billy Belly and Mrs. Pepperpot) for me to feel comfortable taking away their woolly jumpers before we are certain the cold is over for the year. 

After a couple weeks of 70s and 80s, we have now, of course, turned a bit colder, but with the barn shut up when it's windy and plenty of hay in front of them, everyone is doing okay.  The warm sunshine has been appreciated though for sure.  And look at that green grass and bright blue sky!  It matches my hat :-D.

And here's a new puzzle!  Enjoy :-).


Far Side of Fifty said...

We really enjoyed the video! Hope you don't get the snow that we got:(

MarmePurl said...

So glad everyone mostly behaved. They do look quite content in that sunshine.

Marsha said...

They are so good. I love how gently the shearers help them up when they are done. Great videos.

Marilyn F. said...

Great shearing video!!! A calm sheep and a very good shearer getting the job done. Poetry in motion. Wonderful to see the fleeces as it comes off each sheep, each one different. Good idea to keep the wool on the older critters till a later date. Winter may not be entirely overwith.

Linda said...

I also noticed how gentle the shearers are. Slow and steady and calm. Not being a sheep person I they ever bite the shearer? I imagine Maisie would be the first one to do it if they do, LOL! I see it two shearers to get her sheared! Do you have her done first or last?

Terry and Linda said...

I loved all those photos, but my favorite is the last...sheeps, green blades of grass, blue skies....Priceless!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Well, sheep in general do not bite...except Maisie, who bites folks on a pretty regular basis. Sometimes it's a "love nip" (or at least that's what I tell myself ;-) and just on my jeans. Sometimes it's a chomp because she doesn't want to be held for feet trimming or shearing. Maisie...gotta love her ;-).

Susan said...

There is something about the look of a newly shorn sheep - I just love them! It looks like our shearing schedule will be into late March/early April at the rate it's going.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love how they look. Shearing really is an art. Biscuit was cute. Hope your weather holds. We’re in for another Nor’easter tonight that’s two in a row!

Cheryl West said...

It is wonderful to watch your very skilled shearers. I had to laugh seeing an adventure chicken in the midst of all the work.
You have quite a bountiful harvest of new fleeces.

sophy0075 said...

Biscuit certainly wanted to tell the shearers what he thought of the entire process, didn't he? So who will you spin/weave/ knit with first, Biscuit or Muffin? Or maybe a fair isle or mosaic with both?

I'm glad Mrs P gets to keep her "sweater" on for a few more weeks.

ElaineChicago said...

Of course, Murphy has the Beautiful Fleece again!! I'm so happy to have purchased his first shearing a couple of years ago and keep his "First Place" ribbon in my Sheep Fleece Binder. His tips have been spun and turned into a Kate Davies Carbeth and his main fleece is being made into a Cline. Love that Gorgeous Wooly Sheep!!


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