Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Speaking Of Getting Tall!

I just noticed that my mulitiple picture Instagram posts are not getting auto posted to Twitter. Looks like they are not hitting Facebook either.  Argh.  Here's one from last night that you'd probably like to see.  There are three pictures with this post.  Look for the arrows on the sides of the pictures to see them all.

I find Instagram to be very easy to follow and use and not at all creepy like some other social media venues.  I don't hesitate to suggest following along.  I post almost every morning and frequently throughout the day if something noteworthy is going on.  It's like a mini blog :-).



Michelle said...

I agree about Instagram; it's really the only other platform besides blogging I'm comfortable with.

victoria-assignment said...

Every social media has its own value and each of them got appreciated at their good times like when the maker makes good changes to their social media it got much appreciated. Like Instagram is the hot social platform these days.


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