Friday, March 3, 2017

We're Ready!

Finishing up the yarn - here is one of the batts from Wednesday, drafted or pulled out into spinnable roving strips. It's mate is sitting just above it and one more pair off to the right.

I usually spin all my "singles" and then at the end mix and match thicks and thins to hopefully end up with a consistent batch of yarn.  This time I plied each batt as I went along.  It actually worked out pretty well and probably not significantly different than the mix and match method. 

My trusty sled dog, resting up on her comfy rock pillow ;-).

20, getting ready to wash the finished yarn this afternoon - 975 yards.  That should be enough even if my gauge is a bit off. 

The pattern I picked is a shawl from the same designer as the first Liddy shawlTales from the Isle of Purbeck.  I started her Stories from Snoqualmie Valley shawl a year or two (?) ago, but got sidetracked and never picked it back up.   Not really sure why, as every time I look for shawl patterns it catches my eye.

Pretty, eh?  And I think it kind of looks like an icy river with chunks of ice floating along a snowy bank :-).

Washed and drying in the wintry air.  It actually spit snow for a bit this morning.  According to the 10 day forecast, that looks like the only snow this Iknitarod run is going to see :-(.  You never know though. We've had a least some snow every year I've done this knitting challenge.  Maybe there will be an Iknitarod miracle this year, too!

 I'm very happy with the yarn :-).  Whew!

I'm even happier with my ravatar (Ravelry avatar).  Liddy was such a snuggle bug lamb who loved nothing more than taking naps curled up in my lap.  I miss those days.  She was just one of the sweetest lambs I've raised.  

I'd thought all along that my ravatar this year would be her sleeping out on the trail curled up on a straw bed like the sled dogs do.  It's sort of her theme.  She was the sleeping baby Jesus in the manger  on last year's Christmas card ;-).  

It didn't seem right to just have a solo sheep sleeping unprotected in the Alaskan wilderness. Should I put Hank on there with her?  I usually put myself in the design.  Would I be sleeping, too? Wait...I'll be the fire...under the Northern Lights!  

I. just. love. this.  

And I love the yarn.  And the pattern.  And Liddy of course.  I think it's going to be a great race!

If you are interested in following along, I'll be posting quick updates throughout the race on Instagram (which auto posts to Twitter and Facebook).  Instagram and Twitter are easy to navigate and enjoyable.

There is a wonderful Iknitarod group on Ravelry full of knitters, spinners and weavers of all experience levels. Several members have direct ties to the race, whether living along the route or at a checkpoint or even have relatives who have raced.  Getting on the spot updates is Very Exciting! You are welcome to lurk even if you aren't a knitter.  You'll probably need to sign up for full access, but that's easily done.

If you are interested in learning more about the Iditarod, is a fabulous website.  I highly encourage you to watch some videos and read the daily updates.  I think there is quite a bit of free coverage, but the Insider packages are worth every penny.  I hope they have the daily commentators like they did last year.  Fun!!!

Here is the "funnest" part.  I have a couple very sweet stories to share about Liddy.  I have some very cute stories to share about Buddy.  I also have a funny story about  spinning the yarn.  Since the name of the shawl is Stories from Snoqualmie Valley, I am going to share stories.  It can be Stories from Equinox Farm.

We all cast on tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


Alice said...

Stay calm, stay the course and knit on!!!
Cheering for you all the way!

Auntie Reg said...

Best ever ravatsr. Liddy is so cute. She will make this a peaceful ride.

Cheryl West said...

I look forward to all the knitting and the stories. Your Iknitarod card (?poster) is just lovely!

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

You are amazing.

Terry and Linda said...

I love your stamp/post/card!!!

sophy0075 said...

I love your yarn. I love your Iknitarod Ravatar. I would say that Hank should be somewhere as a guard, but not being artistic, as you are, I wouldn't have the skill to tell you where (peeking out from behind the fir tree?).

Stay warm!

Claire MW said...

Wonderful yarn - it is begging to be knit into that shawl - what a perfect pattern for it. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

RMK said...

Agree, Hank needs to be watching over a lone sheep in Alaska, perhaps standing off on the skyline "watching". Can't wait for the race to start tomorrow!

Lisa Smith said...

I love your ravatar for this year! However, I must say, every year's ravatar is great. I so enjoy reading about your preparation for the start of the race! Looking forward to your always entertaining "Stories From Equinox Farm".

Far Side of Fifty said...

I like your ravatar too! It is perfect! That shawl will be just perfect such a beautiful pattern:)


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