Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Yarn Along - Iknitarod Trail Magic

Even though the top Iditarod finishers have made it to Nome, there are still plenty of teams out on the trail and until that last musher finishes and they extinguish the Red Lantern, the Iknitarod mushes on!

And even though the forecast at the beginning of the race showed no hope for snow here this year, once again I was gifted with a tiny bit.  Just enough for a few pictures...before my fingers froze off. More snow and 30 degrees would have been more fun than a dusting at 16, but I'll take any snow at any temperature...if I have to.

In case you saw the Instagram picture from last night and were excited to see me finally off the "river" and into the "interior", don't be too disappointed (or surprised) to find that I've gone back to that checkpoint, swapped out for different runners (needles ;-) and have started over.  Sigh...

The section in the back was the original.  The swatch in the front is one needle size larger.  I decided the larger needle (looser) was better, so took out all the work from last night.  It took most of the morning to make decisions and get restarted and then the afternoon got crazy and I've not knit a stitch since.  I'm headed out to do evening chores and hoping to hit it hard tonight.  

My knitting mascots have been a lot of fun this year :-).

Mushing on and trying to think positive!

Just realized this was Wednesday aka Yarn Along day.  Hope it doesn't mess anything up that I changed the title...

Joining in with Ginny...  Oh, I wasn't able to read or even listen to anything while I knit the cable and lace, but now that I'm on to the plain middle I can listen to podcasts...  My favorite right now is the Iditapod :-).


  1. Have extra batteries for your lantern just in case the days go on and on 😊🔋🔋🔋

  2. It is such a beautiful project, and I think it will be very wearable!

  3. I think your project is very pretty and you are brave to choose it as your Iknitarod project.

  4. The pattern is very beautiful. Keep going even if there is little snow

  5. I like the results from the larger 'runners', to. It will be beautiful!
    I am stuck in Unalakleet waiting for supplies, aka time. But expect to be back on the trail by this evening.
    Keep on Mushin' on to Nome! See ya there!

  6. Your knitting project is very pretty. Makes me want to start knitting again. Wish I could send you some snow. We got 24 inches two days ago!

  7. Things are coming along nicely. I wish I could knit. My granny did try to teach me with the whole bunny runs around the tree, down the hole thing but my bunny kept running away!

  8. I'm sure it will be beautiful, it already looks like I want to just wrap myself up in it and stay cuddly warm.


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