Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Funny Lambing Story

***Whoops!  Glenda is actually Glinda!  Thanks for the correction, Glenda :-D***

Lambing stories are usually sweet.  Or crazy.  Or heroic.  On rare occasions, heartbreaking.  I can't really think of a funny one...until a couple days ago.  

I help out at two nearby farms each spring, The Training Center and Final Frontier Farm.  TTC lambs primarily in March and FFF starts lambing April 1, so I get to spend at least two solid months playing shepherd almost to my heart's content.  Luckily I have my own sheep to take care of or they'd all be saying "When is she ever going to leave?"  

Several sheep in our flock have come from each of those farms.  Ewen McTeagle, B. Willard, Maisie from TTC and Keebler, Lila, Blossom, Liddy, Andy, Levi, Bullwinkle from FFF.  Both flocks feel like just an extension of our farm and I've cared for some of those sheep for years now so I was thrown the other morning when, after receiving my day notes, the shepherdess from TTC said, "Oh, and Glenda lambed this morning!"
I don't know a Glinda...

"Glinda!  The Good Witch!"
"The Maisie lookalike!"

It is uncanny, isn't it?!?

I about fell over laughing.  Poor Maisie.  Yes, there is a sheep over there that, with her pink nose and fuzzy forehead, could very well be related to Maisie.  Her primary claim though is she somehow missed getting her tail done as a baby, so while pregnant, she looked very much like a certain short, fat, long tailed sheep we all know and love. 

The similarities end there.  Glinda is a good witch who would never think to run over and punch you in the kneecaps or bite you while you try to trim her feet and there is no fear that she'll be teaching that cute youngun anything other than how to be a good citizen and productive member of the flock.

And, speaking of similarities...that cute black lamb has an Uncle Willard!  Her mother is one of Willard's cousins.  The first clue should have been that distinctive Border Leicester nose.  The second clue...straight from an earlier blog! picked Shelley (drop me an email with your mailing address :-) as the winner and Willard picked LannieK as a second winner, as the only person who guessed him correctly, and now all the Lamb Camp calendars are gone :-).  


Mary Ann said...

I totally look at sheep in a different way, now.

sophy0075 said...

So if you tap your ruby slippers... no, nothing will change Maisie.

LannieK said...

B.Willard would be an awesome uncle! And, I bet, that little one will be just as sweet. On the other hand, oh my... I have this feeling that you should Not tell MM about Glenda. Like never.

Terry and Linda said...

I wish I could come love on all of them!!!

Glenda said...

Your blog is always entertaining and I look forward to it with my morning cuppa every day. However, as a Glenda I simply must put this out there. Glenda is NOT the Good Witch! Nor is she the Wicked Witch. The Good Witch is Glinda (with an "i"). I am Glenda (with an "e") however, I am pretty darn good and am also known to be a bit witchy on occasion. Keep the lambie pics coming - nothing sweeter than baby lambs!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Get OUT! I almost looked that up...and didn't. Sigh... Thanks for the correction!


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