Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yarn Along - More Hats...Really?

It's not midnight yet! Close though :-/. Got my iPad updated (finally) and sat on the couch for probably two hours working puzzles this evening. Who's big idea was it to make sheep puzzles??? Sigh...

Meanwhile, back at the Yarn Along, I finished (well, mostly) the Gone to the Mountains hat.  It, of course, doesn't fit quite the way I want and I toyed with frogging the whole thing and trying to knit it tighter, but decided a re-knit probably wouldn't make it significantly different so have decided to try fulling it a bit to see if I can shrink it just a hair...or a bit...shrinking a hat a hair sounds kind of funny ;-D.  

I'm in a huge quandary about what to knit next.  I've yet to complete a project that really felt like I'd done a good job and was back on my game.  This is troubling on several levels, but the most timely reason is because we are about 16 DAYS UNTIL THE START OF THE IKNITAROD! 


I have another hat in my queue, the Owl in the Thicket hat.  I have the perfect yarn for it (Hershey's lamb fleece).  I think the pattern is neat.  And it reminds me of a fun afternoon spent with good friends.  We'd gone to a raptor presentation and been able to see a Great Horned Owl up close.  I love owls.

Here is some crazy strategy for you.  The last several projects I've attempted have been pretty straightforward and "easy".  And I've "failed".  This seems so improbable after some of the complicate projects of the past.  I'm thinking I need to go harder rather than easier.  Maybe I just need more focus.  See that chart above?  That ought to give me something to focus on!  There's even a cable in the brim. 

I could have cast on this afternoon, but I ended up getting distracted while trying to take pictures of the hats.  Winter sunshine is the best...if you can stay out of the wind.  Come sit on the bench in front of the Wool House with me.

And Hickory and some sheeps.

And Kate.

Even Betsy.

Something set Hank off and he called everyone in.  I could tell that bark was different, but I'm still trying to figure out exactly how.  I'm impressed I knew they'd all come running though, just by the tone of his voice.  I might turn into a sheep yet.  Fingers crossed!

I don't think I've read anything new this week.  I need to be reading the inside of my eyelids.  Off to make a barn check and then it's lights out!

Joining in with Ginny... 


  1. You haven't failed. It's just that gauge swatches lie! My Mardi Gras vest gauge swatch was a "right on gauge" of 24 to 4.
    The vest itself (dividing for the armholes today) - it's either above or below that; not sure which.

    When you complete your understanding of "Dogspeak to Sheep", publish an audiobook! In the meantime, thanks for publishing your fabulous photos.

  2. That chart looks pretty scary to me! You may not think that you're rocking the knitting but it looks pretty dang good to some of us out here. ;-) Lovely sky! Ditto on sheeps and other critters. Such a nice day.

  3. All your hats look beautiful and I love the owl hat pattern. I hope you can tweak the mountain hat enough for the "perfect fit".
    It is very nice to see everyone enjoying the sunshine for awhile. We have had some sunshine here but still cold winds and lots of lingering snow.
    Enjoy another mild sunny day.

  4. I have never knit a hat that fits me just the way I want it to. You would think that something like a stretchy hat would be pretty forgiving... maybe I just haven't found that perfect pattern.

  5. I too am curious as to why the sheep run TO Hank and not away when he barks the alarm ... or even ignore him and keep on eating.

    M in NC
    Better a hat a little large than too small.

    1. They run to the barn when he tells them there's trouble. You can sort of see that above. He's headed to the left of the picture and they are headed to the right side...which is the barn lot.

      Sometimes he barks and they keep on eating. I'm not sure what that bark means...maybe head's up, there could be trouble, stay alert for further instructions. Just a guess. Fascinating though, right? :-)

  6. The sheeps know to obey Hank's call! GOOD!

  7. Looking nice and green and warm there! Way to go Hank! :)

  8. Beautiful hats! I did the Baa-ble hat earlier this winter and it came out reasonably well. It was my first colourwork hat. I might be inspired to try your Gone to the Mountains hat.


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