Sunday, February 26, 2017


I've been spending a lot of time with "Liddy" this weekend. Not Liddy herself, but her lamb fleece from last year's shearing.  Ever since I sat out in the yard with her while she was a baby and we knit two shawls together, I have planned to knit a Liddy shawl with her first fleece.  

Planning ahead for the Iknitarod, I started spinning for it on Roc Day.  The first yarn ended up too thin.  This is what I used doubled to knit her hat a few weeks ago.  Every subsequent sample ended up wrong as well for a variety of reasons.  Now I'm running out of time.  The race starts next Saturday.

I played around with several possible solutions this weekend and that's all for another day's post.  One of the options was to blend in something "long wool-ish".  I was just thinking it was a shame I didn't have any of Andy's lamb shear because that would be perfect because a. the type of wool he grows and b. he's her best friend.

No sooner than I thought about that I looked up and saw this.   

Hickory and T-Bone and Liddy and Andy

Field friends grazing side by side.


Michelle said...


Alice said...

It's the Iknitabud project!!! You can do it!!! They provide the inspiration and you provide the perspiration! Liddy won't mind at all!😊

Cheryl West said...

What a lovely scene with the grazing friends.
I'm sure you will knit something beautiful for the Iknitarod. You have the glorious homegrown fleece.

Ruth said...

Adorable! I love it when all of the animals are friends. :)

sophy0075 said...

Oh my, brilliant spin on the "I#itarod" wore. Virtual blue hand spun yarn to you!

Terry and Linda said...

You live a world of green! I'm color starved here!


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