Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sheep Trick Or Treat


Hank: "What's ever'body running for?"

Maisie:  "Stella and Auntie Reg are here!  It's Sheep Trick or Treats!!!" 

Note Maisie still swings her tail like a propeller when she runs and is still always out in front :-D.

"Treats please!"

"We got tricked!"

"But we also got treats!"

20  loves Tricks or Treats, too!

"You got any treats for us, Miss Stella?"

I decided Bullwinkle shouldn't have to dress up as himself, so he went as Rocky.  As we were making the costumes, Stella and I discussed the merits of hot glue versus the sticky felt and KNEW that hot glue was better, but decided to chance the sticky felt...and sure enough, there's a loose tab on Levi's Bullwinkle costume.  We're going to stick to hot glue ;-D.

Even the chickens got some treats.


Linda said...

Stampede! !! LOOKS like a perfect evening.

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Love! Love the pictures!!

I need orange said...

"Auntie Reg! Auntie Reg! I love you best!"

"No, no, *I* love you best!"

:-) :-) :-)

Love Rocky and Bullwinkle, and always glad to see Tillie. :-)

Grey Horse Matters said...

They look very festive! Love it.

MarmePurl said...

Always a good time at your place!

sophy0075 said...

Maisie- always ready for a treat, but ready to hoof out a trick to the unwary.

Glad to see Bullwinkle enters into the Halloween spirit.

Terry and Linda said...



Far Side of Fifty said...

What a group! Love the Pumpkin! Perfect for you! :)

Suzan said...

Enjoy seeing the sheep running in from the pasture for treats!!
Just like us humans : -))

Benita said...

Bullwinkle as Rocky - makes sense. Love those pictures!!

Unknown said...

Looks like great fun on the farm. Taking good care of your animals is of paramount importance and these sheep certainly look well cared for.


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