Sunday, November 27, 2016

Our Little Girl Is (Maybe) Growing Up

Today is Maisie's birthday. Well, actually I guess technically it was the 24th, but in my mind/heart, she was born the Sunday after it's sort of a floating holiday ;-). "Cake" for all!

"What is the hold up with my cake?!?"

Oops, false start.  We forgot something!

"Wait....what the heck is that?!?"

Everything seems pretty calm, cool and far...

Yep, that's the Maisie we all know and love ;-D.  She actually tolerated her party hat pretty well after the initial fit.

And proceeded to stuff herself with birthday cake (Cheerios :-)

"Hey, what's going on over here?"

"REG!!!  Don't give her all my cake!!!"

The candle didn't last long in the "cake", but held just fine in her, um, fluffy-ness.

And as long as Reg tossed the Cheerios behind her back...

...she was okay with sharing.  One of these two sisters is the "sheep chicken".

And even Jester and Ford got a few handfuls.

"I  need more cake in my cake box, Auntie Reg."

And then, as with all good Maisie parties, things deteriorated quickly ;-).

The rest of the flock got to share the goodies, too.  More pictures tomorrow!

*     *     *     *     *

Kate and I had a blast working at the dog trial!  Here are some gorgeous pictures from Friday.  I'm hoping he took some on Saturday, too, and will share them if I see them.  Thank you thank you thank you!!!


  1. Happy birthday to the lamb I held and put under a heat lamp lest she be failure to thrive!!! LOLOLOL You are a good sport, Maisie !!🎉🎁🎈🍰🎂🎈

  2. Awww....she is such a big girl now! Happy Birthday to Maisie!!

  3. Happy birthday, Maisie... she was a beautiful lamb and is a beautiful ewe!

  4. Happy Birthday Maisie! Love the pictures with the birthday hat.

  5. Oh! Auntie Reg! You and Miss Maisie look so festive! And Sara! Your hair has gotten so long...I love your braid.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Maisie, you're unique and the best too!

  7. Yeah Maisie you got a cake! The photos of Kate are wonderful! :)

  8. A wonderful celebration. I'm glad the chickens got treats too. What does Hank think of Cheerios?

  9. ROFLMAO! Betcha Maisie said something bluer than "heck". I'm so glad she's made it to big girl hood, though (thanks, Alice). Glad too that the Adventure Chickens (especially Amelia- is that her name?) got to shad in the party (hooray for Auntie Reg!)

  10. Happy Birthday you darling little sheep!


  11. Happy Birthday Maisie! You are truly a beautiful ewe. . . . and no one can rock a purple party hat like you!

  12. Looks like great fun! It is so important to take good care of the animals you keep and these sheep certainly look happy!

  13. Is that the Maisie sweater you are wearing?

  14. Fun 4th B-day ~ She'll always be Our little Maisie. Maisie and deteriorate in the same sentence - Always!

  15. Oh my she's a tolerant creature. So cute! Belated happy birthday, Maisie. I hope you had a wooly good time.


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