Thursday, August 11, 2016

One Good Thing

One of the only things I've enjoyed about this summer have been the beautiful foggy mornings.  It would be even nicer if they were cool foggy mornings, but... well, I'll quit complaining.

I love watching Hank and the sheep meander out through the morning mist.

I've mentioned the "early risers" before. Mostly it's the younger sheep...and B. Willard. You can't keep up that physique without putting in some early mornings ;-D.

Here comes the next group.

And some more.

And the later risers ;-).

Slowly crossing the bridge.

And everyone's clocked in.

I am having trouble with my index finger (aka my puzzle working finger :-o) so haven't even worked the last few puzzles I've made :-(.  When I logged in this morning to create a new puzzle with one of the shots above I was excited to see another of my puzzles has been selected as a Featured Puzzle!

After reading your comments about the hummingbird puzzle taking so long, I decided to look and see how the featured Country Lane puzzle fared.  Holy. Moly.  Someone worked that puppy in 11:49 minutes.  How on earth?!?  Now I'm really itching to work a puzzle!

I'm glad everyone's enjoying the puzzles.  I think they're super fun...when my finger doesn't hurt so much...


Stephen Andrew said...

I'm sure this is not new information to you but juuuust in case- did you know that in folklore every foggy August morning foretells a heavy snow in the winter? Let's hope thats true! I've loved the foggy mornings too.

MaryAnn said...

I love the sheep in the mist pictures

thecrazysheeplady said...

With great hope! :-D

I need orange said...

In the Science of Happiness class I took, one of the things they said is that it helps us to concentrate on what's good, rather what we wish were different (especially when there is nothing we can do about what is annoying us). If we can pause and consciously enjoy the beautiful fog (and the beautiful critters), taking the time to savor those things (and share them with others, so they can savor, too :-) ) lets us take in the pleasure more deeply, and retain those "pleased!" feelings better.

Unfortunately, our nature is to be like velcro for badness, and like teflon for goodness. It's no wonder we evolved this way -- for most of our time on this planet, ignoring potential badness (tiger in the grass????) was much more harmful to our continued existence than going through life in a "that fog is nice, but I HATE THE HEAT" kind of way.

Things have changed, in terms of the threats that face most of us. No more tigers.... But this change is recent enough that our way of facing life, and the problems it presents us, has not changed to fit our new circumstances.

Luckily, we have the option of addressing this consciously. Research shows that if we pause with the fog, and really take it in, our interior landscape gets a little more peaceful and serene.

(I am a hot reactor. All about noticing what's wrong. Working on all of this.... I think it helps, but it's no magic pill!)

Last night I saw a whole bunch of ... martins? Swallows? Swifts? They were swooping round and round over an intersection in my neighborhood. I bet there were 30 of them. I wondered if they were pausing here before heading your way. I would be thrilled if we were on the migration route, too! I stopped and watched them for a while. I took video, but the only camera I had was the phone, so I'm not sure if they're going to show up at all.........

thecrazysheeplady said...

I love this! Thank you for sharing!

I'll tell the martins/swallows you said hi as they swing through :-). Definitely a positive thing to focus on. And if there are so many birds, that surely means no tigers! ;-D

Terry and Linda said...

Our swallows are still here....YAY! I dread the day they leave.


Unknown said...

I love doing your puzzles! Hard to believe that someone did the hummer in under 12 minutes - amazing! We have had fog and hazy mornings for the past couple of weeks in Michigan, have never heard that about the snow. We had so little last winter maybe we will make up for it this year. Cooler weather is coming!

Lori Skoog said...

Stephen Andrew! I am so glad you have connected with one of my favorite people!

I need orange said...

You are welcome. :-)

Thanks for passing along my greeting. :-) I was so pleased to see them, especially after reading about the groups stopping by at your place.

More birds; fewer tigers. :-)


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