Monday, August 1, 2016

A Different Perspective

I've been stalking my neighbor's horse and cat.  Not just any "horse" and "cat", but her "horse and cat".  Traveller and Momma Cat moved in this past winter.  I didn't think anything about it other than we were happy to have some nice new neighbors and that they obviously took good care of their horse.

One morning Tim called just after he left for work and said "There's a cat sleeping in the hay roll out with that horse."  I could see that happening - hay would make a warm, cozy bed and with the early morning sun, heck, I could sleep out there :-).  He saw them regularly and frequently the horse was laying down in the hay, too.

I very seldom go left out of our driveway, so I never saw them.  Then I got busy with lambing and taking care of Bullwinkle and the grass turned green and the hay bale disappeared and I was disappointed I hadn't taken the time to go look.  Always. make. time.  

Not to worry.  It wasn't just the winter hay roll.  Traveller and Momma Cat are actually best friends and they live together year round.  Now that we have "The Unit" and are out and about in the neighborhood more, I see them all the time.  This morning I walked up the lane to see if I could take their picture.

Looking back, watching the sun come up.

I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful place.  

I need to put some work in to get the "right shot".  If I try to get closer or move around for a different angle everyone gets suspicious and the moment is lost.  I'll get it though.  In the meantime, here's a quick snap.  Could anything be sweeter?

How about a new puzzle :-).


  1. How cute is that? Animals are amazing.

  2. That is wicked sweet! We should all be that sweet :)

  3. What a lovely pair. They should be in the next book of animal friends.

  4. What an odd couple!!! Makes for the bestest of friends!!!

  5. Yea! A new puzzle! Great sun rise shot, you do live in a beautiful area!

    1. I made another puzzle a couple days ago with the purple martin house. Should be able to find on jigsawplanet or look in comments from that post. I think I posted a link there. I haven't had time to work the sunrise shot yet. Too much stuff cutting into my puzzle time :-o.

  6. Friends----they come in all sizes and shapes.


  7. They are such lovely companions living life in such a tranquil setting. Yes. I agree wholeheartedly. You live in a beautiful area. My German shepherd is best friends with my rescue cats. Go figure. Wish people would get along as well as the animals.

  8. I am grateful you live in such a beautiful place too. :)

  9. Funny that the way you never turn is the way I came to Equinox Farm, so your new perspective was my first view!

  10. How sweet is that? It's funny how animals of different species will bond and be best friends. Maybe they were friends in a previous life, too.


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