Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Favorite Time Of Day

Comby, Kate, Weaslie, Hank, Bullwinkle and I walked up the hill to visit with Stella the other evening.  The sunset is always so pretty from up there.  While it doesn't seem like that much of a hill, between the "valley" and the trees around our house and barn, we miss the amazing show every night.  Stella doesn't get to see the amazing moon rises over her house and hill though, so it's an okay trade :-).

I love the sunbeams shining on some of our sheep.  

That's Chocula looking over at us and Baba Bad Sheep (Blossom) on the far hill aka she somehow wedged her fat little body under the fence because there is apparently not enough grass in this field for her ;-).


  1. OH, that light is just lovely!

  2. That's a John Denver moment!

  3. beautiful! I love sunsets and sunrises :) the best time of each day!!

  4. I love sunsets and sunrises...they are my favorite times of the day also!


  5. Baba Bad, where there is a will there is a way, esp if it is Better grass haha lovely sun beams.

  6. I love your photography!!!! I'll be baa baaa baaack


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