Friday, May 6, 2016

Baa Baa Bad Sheep

We knew Andy was a fence rogue (that's why we have him ;-), but I have to say I'm shocked that four year old (and fat) Baba has joined him.  I had to look back to make sure of her age.  Remember her sleeping on that cot?  

Unfortunately Blossom can get under the fence one way (down hill), but can't fit going back the other way.  Andy comes and goes as he pleases.  Baba gets stuck by herself and then Kate and I have to go out and open the gate so she can go "home".  

Needless to say we'll be putting up some extra fencing this weekend ;-). 


  1. Kate probably loves that!

    1. I think Kate would like to just sit up there all day and take matters into her own hands. I should probably let her. She's obviously the smarter of the two of us :-).

  2. At least they're not out wandering along the road into town, grazing along the way!

  3. She was kind of rotund as a lamb!

  4. Never a dull moment! Your place looks so gorgeous....

  5. I'm sure Saint Tim is THRILLED. ;-) Give Kate the job; she WANTS it!

  6. LOL, Yes, GO Kate! be interesting to see what would happen if she were guarding that section of fence.

  7. Now, if you *wanted* them in that field, they'd object to it, for sure!

  8. Escapees always get my heart racing. Luckily, your group didn't wander down a road. Kate would make a great gate monitor.


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