Friday, May 20, 2016

Guess Who WON'T Be Going To The Fiber Festival

Punkin's Patch is once again sponsoring the Hug a Sheep Booth at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival this weekend.  Spud, Hershey, Andy, Petunia, Woody and Murphy have agreed to be on the hugging list and we'll pick three or four to take over (probably depending on who we can trick into the trailer ;-) in the morning.  Of course Bullwinkle will be there, too.

In discussing who would go this year, Maisie's name came up and everyone fell over laughing.  The little darling...  We could bring her, but she'd have to be transported Hannibal Lector style to keep from turning it into a Get Punched In The Kneecap (And Probably Bit And Maybe Kicked As Well) By A Sheep Booth.  Sweet Hershey is a much better choice!

I think the booth looks nice.  I created several new items this spring that I'm pretty excited about including a new Mug Shot Mug, a special My Favorite Sheep tote bag with matching note cards and note pads and new Lamb Camp cards.  There will be several really nice fleeces, a small amount of roving, lots of Lamb Camp yarn, Punkin's Patch t-shirts...

The forecast is - big surprise for spring weather in Kentucky - not great for tonight and part of tomorrow (which is why we aren't bringing the sheep until tomorrow morning), but Sunday is supposed to be nice and it's already slacking up to the south of us, so maybe tomorrow won't be a wash out either.

Regardless, almost everything is under cover so the sheep shopping, sheep shearing, sheep spinning, sheep hugging... should be lots of fun.  There are even tents down the hill at the Bluegrass Classic Stockdog Trial with a handy shuttle going back and forth.  Speaking of sheep spinning, there are several workshops with openings if you are interested in learning something new!

Please come out and see us and hug a few of your favorite (wet ;-) sheep!


  1. I hope the show goes well!
    Somebody please give Petunia a cookie and hug for me!

  2. Some day I will make it to this event!

  3. Enjoy your weekend and stay dry. Looking forward to the photos.

  4. I'm hoping you have a great weekend, even if you pick on my favorite sheep, Maisie...but yeah, Hannibal Lector style would be about the only way she would submit to being hugged.

  5. You know I would love to!

  6. Today's my birthday...if only I could click my heels 3 times to be there. Laughter over this post was a wonderful gift just the same ;)

  7. As your southern (32.1155°N) weather forecaster, I can say that the chance of rain is spiralling down here. But alas, travelling six degrees of latitude and three degrees of longitude is too much for me right now. So please hug the sheep for me.

  8. I wish I could be in KY to hug your sheep (wet or dry). Have a great weekend and I hope the weather co-operates.

  9. I would SO love to be there ~ Sounds like great Fun! Have a super time and Hug A Sheep for me :-)
    :::Sending dryer weather your way::::
    (poor MM... who woulda thought)

  10. I wish I could go and hug your sheep!!!


  11. You could have complimentary hockey shin pads for Masie Hugger's :)

  12. You made me laugh with your Maisie observation. Enjoy the Fiber Festival. I hope the weather holds for you.

  13. Have FUN and make the money!! I assume Maisie doesn't know she's been demoted............

  14. Is this like the Sheep equivalent of Rolex? Except there is no competition, just lots of camaraderie between sheep people and excellent booths that sell fun stuff? ;)

    Poor Maisie; I'm sure there is a job there somewhere for her...maybe security?

    1. Thats perfect....I can see her heading up the secret service!

  15. Poor Maisie has to stay home:(


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