Friday, December 5, 2014

The Super Adventure Club

I took a bunch of nice pictures this morning. My typical "Ooh, it's foggy and dreary so I have to go out and play in it" sort of photo shoot.  The sheep and Hank are always fun and beautiful subjects of course and today was no exception.  I'm going to spread them into a few days because this particular "story" was approaching 14 pictures long and that's too many I think.  

So the other day when I was so surprised to see the sheep on the pond dam and said I couldn't believe they hadn't been going over there forever because the gate is open blah blah blah.  I walked back there this morning and found that at some point during the summer - oh wait, it was when I caught Blossom eating the fresh (and poisonous) milkweed shoots (!) - I shut that gate so they couldn't get to the Frog Pond.

Ah yes.  Then how did they get over there?  Turns out the Adventure Club is the SUPER Adventure Club.  

They got brave enough that they went all the way back to the very back, through the gate there that IS open, came around the big pond, climbed through pine trees and taadaa!  

Stopping to eat along the way ;-).

"You don't have that stupid dog with you, do you?"

I opened the gate and everyone else came racing through.

Buddy and Boudreaux bringing up the rear, with Buddy hollering "WAAAIIITT FOR UUUSSS!"

Oh, should have known that Keebler and the true "rear" (Graham) would be even more "behind" ;-).

And Hank is happy all his sheep are all in one place!  For now... (this is where it starts to get really pretty:-)


Susan said...

Oh, I LOVE that last photograph! Nothing like a little fog to lend a mysterious aura around your lovely sheep. And the ever-so-handsome Hank.

Stephen Andrew said...

You could cram 200 photos into one post and I would savor each one! I just love your photography! These photos could be from the Welsh countryside. So pretty.

Michelle said...

What's bad about 14 photos??? That last photo – Hank is SO happy. :-)

Karenfor said...

As Stephen Andrew said, you could cram 200 photos into one post and I would savor each one! Hank looks so happy in that last photo. Burnie looks so good now since he has been living on your farm.

I need orange said...

Love Hank's beautiful soft expression.... :-)

sophy0075 said...

Happiness is fresh grass in a field Mum probably doesn't want us in....


Susan Mckee-Nugent said...

Stephen is correct, we'd look at ALL of your 200 pictures :) Boys will find a way and that grass looks totally delicious! And Hank is in his element!

Miha Giustina said...

Funny thing. As I was scrolling down to the last picture, before seeing the text beneath it, I said: "And Hank is happy," only to read the same words written by you:-).

Far Side of Fifty said...

So fun to see green! That is a Super adventure! Hank looks so proud of himself:)


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