Monday, December 1, 2014

Deeply Honored

November is a special month for sheep and shepherds.  Well, all months are special, so let's say November is extra special.  It's Wovember - "celebrating WOOL for what it is".  Yep, extra special! It's just that now it WAS extra special.

Somehow the entire month has slipped by, though looking back, I did do a lot of wool celebrating. I taught a few spinning lessons, helped a friend block a wool scarf, visited three sheep farms in NY while we were picking up Kate, helped work around 200 local sheep on a couple occasions getting ready for the dog trial, picked up and sorted many of those fleeces (pulling out the "unwanted" colored ones for myself ;-) while working the shearing trailer and of course, wore a lot of wool.

Every day during the month of Wovember, Team Wovember shares fabulous and fascinating posts about wool.  The lasting tradition of breeding, raising, shearing, processing, creating and enjoying wool.  The benefits of wool, the character of different breeds, how they are handled, sights and sounds, songs about shearing, some of my favorite Twitter shepherds and so much more.  I'm sure many of you were already following along.  If not, I strongly encourage you to check it out. You'll be captivated.

I am deeply honored to have a few stories and photo essays included this year.  My sentimental favorite is probably the story of Elizabeth and her sweater.  They also included Keebler and the Iknitarod, the woven throw from Baaxter's mom, some fun pictures from Lamb Camp and Hug a Sheep Day at our farm.

I had planned on weaving a wool scarf for the WAL (wool a-long).  I'm disappointed that I couldn't get organized enough to pull that off.  Now it's December and I will be in the thick of Christmas card design and painting, shipping holiday orders from the farm shop, covering extra winter chores and enjoying our own special holiday traditions.  

I may not get it done this month either (although a warm wool scarf would sure come in handy!) and that's okay, because like every day should be Christmas or Thanksgiving or your birthday, every month is a great month to celebrate wool :-).  

Happy Wovember everyone!  Just a wee bit "late-ish".

*     *     *     *     *

There's still a bit of time to wish Maisie a Happy Birthday and be included in her birthday drawing this evening.  Looks like we are just five wishes away from adding in a third box of cards :-D.


fjord girl said...

Congratulation's- well deserved...your words and images are so lovely- I see why the picked you. I loved hug a sheep day- I thought was so endearing, we need to thank our wooly friends more often!
...happy wo-cember :)

I need orange said...

Loved the text (Elizabeth counting the stems of hay!), and love the pics. I know you (like me) don't like to have your picture taken, but these shots with QE are lovely. That back-lighting is very nice.

Thanks for sending us to see it. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy now. :-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

I enjoyed reading about Queen Elizabeth again...made me smile:) Thanks:)

MarmePurl said...

Beautiful tribute to the Queen.

Benita Story said...

I think I figured out how to comment. Keep your fingers crossed that this works.

You know, January is a good month to think about wool, too. It's usually colder in January than November anyway.

Happy Birthday Maisie!!

LannieK said...

Congrats, once again! Wovember is so educational ~ I've thoroughly enjoyed it these past few years - extra special with guest post from you. You are in amazing company!
Ps, can't wait to see that scarf, in whatever month

Alice said...

I reread your posts. What a wonderful tribute to the sheep and their wool. There are no redos in most cases and I'm so happy you took the initiative to get it done while the moment was special.

Susan Mckee-Nugent said...

So glad to see you on Wovember. And the December calender picture...why
that would be miss Maisie. SWEET!!!


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