Friday, September 19, 2014

Where Were They Then - Guess Who??

Something to make us all smile :-)

Who was this little cutie patootie?

It was Buddy!  Robin found that old picture the other day and sent it to me :-).  

So Buddy did at one point have cool hair.  Actually, he still has cool hair.  It's just not on top of his head ;-).  Those curly cheeks are second to none!

Shortly after I took the grazing picture, the flock decided to head in.  

Buddy, Woolliam and Chocula got left behind.  Cotswolds are very focused eaters ;-).

Run, Buddy!!!

That's a lot of bulk moving at high speed :-D.  Notice Maisie eating over on the right side.

Buddy's gettin' it!  Maisie's still eating.

My favorite Buddy expression is his ears back perplexed/grumpy look.  He obviously wasn't done eating, but would never go against the group and stay out.  Obviously Maisie has no issue with that - still eating ;-).


Buttons Thoughts said...

Smiles lots of smiles, I always find them here. HUG B

Michelle said...

Oh my! I thought when I saw the first photo, "I didn't know Sara ever had an angora goat." !!!

Auntie Reg said...

Buddy loves group activities and thought there might be snacks inside. Maise just laughs at the sheep running, she ain't in no hurry. Now Woolliam looks like he is having a bad hair day.

Sara said...

I love these little guys.

Willow said...

Ha ha he is a cutie patootie still ~ love his ears back running expression .

LannieK said...

Too cute! What gorgeous wool Buddy has :-)

Andee said...

Buddy is so cute. What breed of sheep is he???

Unknown said...

Oh my... that is a beautiful little fellow there:-). What a sweet curly baby he was.

Unknown said...

p.s. i like very much all of the running-sheep pictures. Very cool!

A said...

Sorry re. the loss of your treasured pup--how wonderful to have so many other loves to help you deal with that loss! LOVED your pix of dogs in church, which I found trying to locate an old friend of mine, Trini Posey [Cobb], with whom I went to school yearsssssssssssss ago [sorry Trini, don't mean to *date* YOU]...If you do have her contact info, please do share with her the email address attached with this [I should note that I'm using my CL-fraud address which in no way correlates to my real name, since I don't know what happens with gmails posted to accounts such as this].

LOVELY work, though--my own precious Daddy graduated in a class of FOUR, so I've always had a warm spot for an agrarian heritage. :D

God bless,
Miss Hammond
1 Corinthians 15:57-8

Tombstone Livestock said...

Buddy did look a lot like an Angora baby.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes those curls are fetching! Thanks for the smiles:)


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