Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Early Morning

I've started trying to knit for an hour or so before the sun comes up and I get caught up doing farm work and other chores. It shouldn't be so difficult to find time to do all the things you love! It's working (so far) and this morning the sun rose with a beautiful, well, rose, color. I stepped outside to watch.  

Maisie came around the end of the barn heading my way, with Hank not far behind. A couple more started straggling out and I knew the rest would soon follow. I love watching our sheep go about their day and early mornings are especially nice.  I ducked back inside and grabbed my camera.

It's a little shaky and too quick in spots.  As usual.  I also forgot to turn off the vibration reduction, so you won't get to hear all the morning sounds very clearly over the hum.  And, it was actually much darker than this.  I forgot I could set my exposure manually, so you'll just have to imagine the dark, rosy sunrise  ;-).  

I think sometimes it's better to capture a fleeting moment poorly than miss it fiddling around to make it "perfect".  If I'm tired or distracted, I always default to one of the automatic settings and let the camera do the thinking.  This works great most of the time and the pictures following the video do look much better with the extra light the camera was able to pull in.  They're not great, but at least I can see everyone ;-)**. 

Besides, I can always give it all a re-try tomorrow morning...after a second cup of coffee ;-)

So who's the big mouth yelling in the background?

That's Woody's big honking maaaaaaah :-).

Murphy says "Feed me first, not Woody!"

And where's Baaxter?

A boy and his trailer...  Tim's probably not going to like it when I tell him he needs to cut a gap in one of those sides when Little B gets too big to jump through ;-).

"I can climb pretty tall on the gate, too!"

"I think she's just going to stand there taking stupid pictures instead of feeding us."

"Really?" or should I say "Honnnnk!"

Murphy refused to give up, so I put down the camera and picked up a grain scoop.  I guess you boys would like some breakfast ;-).

*   *   *   *   *

**It's these same "high standards" that I'm looking forward to sharing in a couple weeks at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival.  Come on out.  It will be fun!


MarmePurl said...

Happy Early morning to all of you.

Unknown said...

Great video and all the pictures are great too. Love the captions. You have such a beautiful farm. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Ann said...

I think your video was just perfect!

Michaele said...

Nice video. I tried to imagine the sunrise. Sheep are wonderful any time of the day.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Mornings are the best part of the day. St. Tim would probably prefer just leaving the ramp down vs. cutting a hole for Baaxter but then the trailer would probably not be as much fun.

thecrazysheeplady said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That never even crossed my mind to just drop the ramp :-D.

Shirley said...

Yes I was wondering who the loudmouth was ;0)

Terry said...

Woody's pretty darn cute.

Andee said...

I was sneaking in a little knitting time in the mornings with my coffee over the Summer. I loved it.

Beautiful pictures. I can't get enough pictures of him on the trailer I love it!!! My parents have an obstacle course for the alpaca shows and part of it stays out in the field. The alpacas never use it but the kids love it. I have a feeling it would be appreciated at your farm!

Deb W said...

One thing that struck me while I watched the video - of a lot of sheep that looked alike to me - is how well you know each and every one of them - and all of their names. :-)

I haven't read anything about the Wool Fest. Are you going to do that this year?

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yes, we will be at the fall Kentucky Wool Festival :-).

Lisa Smith said...

Thank you for the video to start the day with! I love watching them all slowly walk out; it's so interesting to see the different attitudes. It seems like a few meander out. A few stop and start. A few hesitate. And a few walk with such purpose!

I'm glad you have a chance to start your day with early morning knitting. I'll bet your sunrises are just beautiful there.

Your blogging/photography class at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival sounds so interesting ~ I loved your bio too.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful post:-). Thanks!


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