Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An Actual Lamb Camp

There was an exceptionally high rate of triplets this spring. While not impossible for a ewe to raise all three, it is definitely a strain on her and her lambs.  Shepherds at the two big flocks around here will routinely pull off one of the three and put them on a "lamb bar".  The Training Center keeps theirs at home and Final Frontier sends them to Foxglove Farm.

If that speckled lambie looks familiar, you have seen her before :-). 

For some reason, this group of lambs would only nurse one side of the bucket, fighting over two nipples with four more free...if they'd just move around.  Nancy couldn't figure out why.  I should check back to see if they ever did.

The first thing you learn at Lamb Camp is how to take a bottle.  This tiny lamb was from a set of quads and Kathy suspected they were a bit premature.  I saw them the day they were born and you could have held this one in one hand.  She stayed on her momma an extra couple of days to make sure she got a really good start and she's up and running!

"Hey, it's my turn!"

"I SAID, it's MY turn!"

"It's not your turn yet."

"Now it's your turn." :-)

"Can I have another turn?"

What all the stylish shepherds are wearing.  Well, Nancy's probably the only stylish shepherd I know.  Actually, I guess we all have a style...but I doubt in involves bright white socks ;-).

Foxglove Farm


MarmePurl said...

A lot of shepherdesses have having a lot of fun for all of us.

Michelle said...

That one little lamb needs a jacket....poor thing has no "wool"

Deb W said...

Got to meet two of Nancy's bottle lambs today when we did the noon show on LEX18. A.DOR.A.BLE!! They were a huge hit at the station. I think everyone came through to see them and take pictures.

Terry said...

They could not be cuter.

Suzan said...

Sure wish there was a Foxglove Farm near here!! too much fun!!

Valerie said...

Oh my...just when I think I have seen the cutest lambs...I see even sweeter ones the next day! Loving all of your beautiful photos! So sweet.

Alice said...

What a good shepherdess Kathy is. Seeing those cute lambs thrive makes the exhausting work worthwhile.
Great captures, Sara.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, based on the lack of birth fleece, I'd definitely agree that they are premature. Glad they are getting a good start in life!

Unknown said...

What cause a lamb to have so little hair on his body?

S/he does have lots of hair on the legs... is it the breed or something else?

And the one lamb that is stretched out over her knees; now that is some serious yoga at work there!:-)

Shirley said...

Nothing like lying around on a lap and getting fed! Very cute.

Tagati said...

Okay, I have to know where you purchased those shoes!

thecrazysheeplady said...

They are Sperrys and she purchased them off eBay :-).


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