Friday, January 24, 2014

She's Not Fat

She's well insulated!  :-D

As I walked into the barn tonight to check on everything, I thought about how much I missed seeing sheep sleeping behind the barn like normal.  Frequently Maisie is sleeping up against the gate, B. Willard is usually next to the lamb pen fence, Lila's in the corner and Graham is, well, Graham could be anywhere.  Renny likes to sleep out back.  Blossom's almost always back there and every now and then Petunia.  

Some sheep always sleep in the barn.  Buddy, Woolliam, Boudreaux, Ewen McTeagle, Peabody, PeePee, all of the Jacobs...  And they are usually in the same spots every night.  Buddy and Woolliam sleep so soundly that I can walk all the way up to their door and even turn the lights on and they may never open their eyes.  I love sleepy sheepies :-).

This cold though has everyone tucked inside.  Or does it?  As I looked out the back door to see how Jester and Elizabeth were doing, there was Blossom (or as I now call her, for a reason I've long forgotten, Baba) comfortably sleeping out in the open, with 20 mph winds blowing across her!  

She got up and came inside when I set out a little more hay and when I stopped to talk to her I noticed she still had frozen snow from the storm the other day crusted down her back.  Her fleece has her so well insulated that her body heat has never leaked out enough to melt that snow!  No wonder she was so happy outside :-).

So, if you need an extra warm sweater or blanket for next winter, she's your girl :-D.

'Night all!


Lori Skoog said...

So Sara, do you still like winter?

Andee said...

It's like she was made for Winter :)

Wendy Gregory said...

I really love hearing about your sheep, it is wonderful to see animals being looked after so well.
Kind wishes

Alice said...

Lovely capture of Blossom
She is as pretty as her name

fjord girl said...

Love that "she's well insulated" he.he.
Your life with the sheep looks so charming- they all are such a sweet and personable bunch.

Lady Locust said...

Just beautiful.

LannieK said...

Morning! Love the shots of Blossom. Looks so happy, weather and all! I would love some Blossom wool! Dibbs!

Het Wolbeest said...

She's gorgeous!

Michaele said...

She is just the picture of health and beauty - in the sheep world : )

Tyche's Minder said...

She's beautiful.

Susan Mckee-Nugent said...

Ewe is not fat, ewe is fluffy!!
Somehow crusted snow on fleece seems better than moss........yup,
out at Bodega Bay one bad wet year
the sheep had moss on their backs!

Miha Giustina said...

What a beautiful little girl she is!

Miha Giustina said...

did someone seriously say "Maisie/ blanket/sweater," all in the same sentence?! If so, I want to be first on the wait list. Thank you very much!:-).

Shirley said...

Not fat, just well insulated!!!

small farm girl said...

Ya,that's it. I'm just well insulated!!!!! lol


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