Friday, December 20, 2013

The God Of Simple Shepherds

The dental woes continue.  I ended up having to drive to the "big city" almost an hour away yesterday for a fit-in lunchtime appointment.  They took a couple looks at me and passed me off to a specialist.  Who was kind enough to fit me in that day...but at the end of the day. 

But wait, let's back up a few hours.  The person I'd woven the throw for was planning on coming out to pick it up yesterday morning.  I called her to say I'd just have to leave it inside the door for her as I had an emergency dental appointment scheduled at a dentist at Hamburg and was going to have to leave immediately to get there in time.

"That's where I live.  I could throw a rock at Hamburg!  Can you bring it with you?"  Of course!

So, now I'm sitting in a dentist chair (one of my least favorite places to be), not on my farm (one of my favorite places to be), in the "big city" (not one of my favorite places) at a mega huge shopping center (a place I avoid like the plague) and they're telling me I'm going to have to hang out here for 4 1/2 hours before an (oh joy) emergency root canal.

It's too far to go home and come back.
Okay, well, I'll get some lunch and drop off the throw and then I guess I'll run to the bookstore and try to amuse myself for while.  I called Nancy to let her know I was on the way and mentioned I had my camera with me in case she'd like me to take a picture of the throw with the sheep it came from.  The throw is to be a Christmas gift for her mother.

"Oh great!  They just got back.  Kathy (of Lamb Camp fame) is here dropping them off (from being at her farm getting bred) and picking up a ram."  This is just not the sort of conversation you expect to be having with someone who "lives at Hamburg" ("the largest shopping and dining area in Central Kentucky") .  And here I was, the country mouse, scared all alone in the big city, facing a horrid afternoon, finding myself five minutes away from a good friend, surrounded by sheep.

I didn't really know what to expect.  I only knew Nancy casually, but she raises a lot of Kathy's bottle lambs...  Let me just say, if I pull up to your house and you have a roll bale on your tennis court with two adorable donkeys and a group of old retired sheep chomping down?  That throw has a good home :-D.

Two big galloofing happy guard dogs :-D.

The throw girls - we used the fleeces from the ones in front and back.  That's their mother in the middle I think.

Everyone checking it out.  That sheep climbing up to get a better look just cracks me up :-D.

Look at that face on the right.  "Bleck, colored wool.  She should have used my white wool!"

"Don't listen to her.  I think it looks pretty."

The retirement field has its own retired dog.

And a funny faced old wether :-).

Love the speckled noses!

Going out to check on her sheep.  Do you see both dogs?

Look at this funny face :-D.

And this pretty one.

"Eat your heart out Ramsey and Emma."  ;-)

And horses!

And that's not all.  There were sheep everywhere!  The Border Collie puppy had "herded" a couple of these ;-).

In the dining room.   Do you see the carolers?

And this room didn't have any more sheep than any of the other rooms.


And this?  Not her house, but a room in her amazing doll house.

The dining room, complete with miniature Hadley pottery plates of horses and sheep! 

Even the miniature cradle has sheep pillows!!!

I could have taken 100 pictures and you'd still not seen all the sheep - inside and out!  It was fabulous.  Where was the one place I wanted/needed to be as I was sitting there in the dentist chair?  I spent my afternoon as near to that place as I possibly could.  



  1. Well, I'm very sorry to hear your dental woes. We all know how awful it is dealing with those! Hope you will be feeling like new soon.

    But...WOW! A sheep wonderland! It must have been fabulous. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos. I needed a field trip today!

  2. What a great place to kill time while waiting for the dentist .... such a beautiful throw, so glad you had it finished and ended up delivering so you could share pictures of her sheep and dogs.

  3. Wow, what more could you ask for? It even has donkeys!

    I hope your tooth is better.

  4. Oh I am so sorry to hear of your dental woes, but so happy that you had a bunch of good things to think about while in the chair.

    Wow! What a wonderful place! And that doll house is unreal - I would have sworn it was full size.... what amazing details!

    Thank you so much for sharing those great photos - they put a huge smile on my face; hope you can smile again soon too.

  5. Amen, indeed.

    SO glad you had such a peaceful and NOT-dentist place to spend your afternoon! Perfect.


  6. Something about this place seems familiar though...lots of sheep outside, lots of sheep inside, rolling Kentucky fields, a couple horses, shaggy white dog, border collie. It's on the tip of my tongue...oh...oh...oh....why can't i place it? :)

    Yep, she's your doppleganger, with older sheep.

    I do love all the elderly sheep faces. You don't see that so very often.

  7. What a great post--thank you! (I love all your posts, but this one is longer.) The "throw girls" look like a chorus line.

  8. I had dental work yesterday too...minus the fun trip to a sheep farm. It looks like a little slice of Heaven there. I love the doll house!

  9. I've broken both fillings and teeth; I know your stress level. So glad you were able to spend some time at a perfect "sheep retreat"!

  10. things happen for a reason . . .

  11. Oh the faces, the faces!! I love the "bleh" sheep sticking out it's tongue and the pileup to check out the throw. Several of our LGD's came from Nancy's-what a great place to be an animal. So glad you got to be distracted there.

  12. Sorry about the dental work, but I'm so glad your afternoon in between was spent enjoying this lovely sheep-y farm!

  13. Hey Sara! You sure have a way of hooking up with some terrific people and places! Love the photos. What a slice of heaven for all those animals!!!! I guess I better call you about your dental woes.

  14. Well, if you are going to wait for a root canal, sheep heaven is as wonderful a respite as can be!!!
    I hope the dental visit went smoothly, and that you are soon free from tooth troubles.
    Tonight you can have sweet dreams counting all of Nancy's sheep! This sweetness is cavity free ;-)

  15. What a beautiful place. A slice of heaven indeed! Good luck with your teefies. :)

  16. well....I have herd that everyone has a double.

  17. Ack a root canal, no fun at glad you found new friends to make your time waiting pure joy..the photos are lovely. Love that Border Collie pup too:)

  18. What a bonus! Maybe this is the silver lining behind your dental woes- getting to meet a kindred spirit.

  19. GAWD, Sheep Heaven is right!!!
    You have the greatest comments with your pictures, every post is amazing but this tops it :)
    SO glad you were able to meet and greet the whole farm...what faces!

  20. What a beautiful border collie...there is just something amazingly wonderful about a border collie. It makes me miss my Tess.

  21. Definately on the short list of Greatest Posts. Sorry your teefers are falling out, but like JanBaby said - everything for a reason. Thanks for sharing! It was an awesome tour. I didn't think there could be other sheep as happy as Eqinox Farm sheep, but..... sheep heaven!

  22. Such pretty animals! I especially like the caffelatte donkey. :-) What a cutie with some truly gorgeous eyes and two-tone ears.

    Sorry about the root canal! At least the tooth could be saved, which si always good.

  23. Um, I have to confess that I might have influenced Nancy a little bit when she started with sheep. She is a wonderful person and gave Little E a horse and loved seeing my sheep. She then had Molly and Mini Me and I had Pancake and we went to the Children's Hospital with these lambs several times. Glad you know her!

  24. I happened upon your blog via serendipity. I am an avid follower of decor and vintage blogs sites, yet was somehow led to you. What a delight. I have a long standing love of sheep. One of the happiest 7 days in my life was spent on a working sheep farm in The Cotswolds, UK. I could wake in the morning and, still in bed, roll over and gaze out a window to the site of a field of sheep, often being herded by a border collie. If I were younger and still in my prime I might decide to live as you do. But alas, I am now too old, too weary and too lazy. Love your blog and look forward to it daily. It's what gets me out of bed on these cold, snowy Wisconsin winter mornings. A hot cup of coffee, a fire, my sweet little dog, my big hunk of cat and YOUR BLOG. Merry, merry.

  25. OH dear, sometimes ya gotta take the good with the certainly know how to share the good! Thanks for all the lovely images! And what a beautiful woven throw!

    Merry Happy!


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