Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not Quite Dead Yet

Cough cough cough... Ugh.

In case you missed this last week - a Maisie video to make you laugh. 

She's such a funny girl.  Most lambs just stand around screaming when they are mad about something.  

"Where's my MOM!" 

"I want more BABA!!!" 

"I don't WANT to play QUIETLY in the LAMB PEN!"  

Not Maisie.  Oh, she'll yell about something occasionally, but she's much more likely to jump up and down and stomp her feet and spin around and jump some more.  And then, when she realizes it's not really doing any good/gets it out of her system, just moves on. 

A good lesson.


  1. Oh I could learn from this precious girl...
    and you...rest and take care of you!
    cough cough

  2. I hope you are feeling better day by day. Your Maisie pictures and videos always make me feel happy!

  3. Hop, Hop, Hop! Love it!

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care.

  4. Oh no! Is it the dreaded flu? I know 2 people who got the flu and it morphed into pneumonia in both cases. Rest as much as you can and take anything medicinal that strikes your fancy :-0

    Love the video. Lambie frustration in action!

  5. How did I miss that video clip!! Too cute!

  6. How did I miss that video clip!! Too cute!

  7. I'm so sorry you've been sick! It's a great video, too, and so good to see Maisie out playing!

  8. Wish a wild rumpus could rid you of your cough. Alas, probably the opposite is true.
    Hope you feel better soon :-)

  9. She is such a sweet one!

  10. Maisie is as patient as she is adorable! And i hope you feel much better soon soon soon!

  11. What a doll!
    Get better soon, so you can wait on Maisie in the style she's grown accustomed to, lol.

  12. Lost in translation....it is only on my second reading of this post that I realized you were referring to yourself being sick:-)... I hope you feel better soon!

  13. Hilarious! A little spoiled, but thats okay. :)

  14. Sorry to hear you're under the weather...
    Thanks for the video! Way too cute!
    A couple days after I saw it last week, I had to go 'talk' to the electrician - I tried that jumping/stomping thing Maisie does so cute - helped me... I felt better!
    Sending hugs, crackers, and Colorado sunshine... Feel better soon! :-)

  15. Such a fun girl she is Miss Maisie.
    Yes well I am up counting sheep again as I can't sleep. ~
    and as usual I always enjoy being entertained here on my sleepless nights.
    Thank you again for sharing the sheep stories they are always a fun evening.
    I do hope you feel better soon !

  16. Maisie ~! she is such a cutie..Thanks for the video ~ it just shows pure enjoyment of life when you show a video..
    I was coming down with a cold and a gal in our bible study suggested taking Essential Oregano Oil.. So I bought some and my cold was gone the next day.. I put 3 drops in a tablespoon with olive oil.. drank a 1/2 glass of orange juice.. I couldn't believe it ~ honestly the next day my cold was gone.. Just make sure you drink lots of water after taking this oil..
    Hope your cold goes away and your cough cough~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


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