Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Blasts From The Past

I had the big girl camera up at the barn the other day...and needed it at the house. Of course. Normally I'd walk up there and get it, but it was the middle of a super hot afternoon and I really didn't feel like it.

I dug out the D40, snapped the picture I needed and pulled the card to download it and found a whole bunch of early spring pictures.

Dear old Miss Ewenice :-/. And sweet Hank. This was when she first got down and couldn't get up by herself. I had helped her out into the warm sun and Hank, knowing something wasn't right, sat out there with her.

The Adventure the BIRD FEEDER. There is nothing romantic about a chickens outside your window in the morning.

"Yeah, um, looks like she hasn't filled the feeders yet."

"What a slacker."

"Those cardinals are going to be hungry this morning."

"Yeah, we're just concerned about the cardinals."

"Oh, of course. It's not that we would ever eat sunflower seeds."

"I'll just sit here and wait for her to come out."

Iris, why the silly face?

"I'm stuck babysitting again." Sigh.

Yep, I found more Blossom pictures :-D.

What on earth are you eating, Baba?!?

Want to see more?


Peruby said...

yes... more!

Finding photos like that is like finding money in the pocket of an old coat or old pants.

Love them!

Lori Skoog said...

I bet it was a lot cooler then.

dibear said...

I didn't know you had chickens!! I love to see pics of them as well. Let's see more. :)

kbdoolin said...

Yes! More, more, more.

Michelle said...

Love the shots of Iris. Looks like babysitting is a real chore for her! lol

Alice said...

Pics of Blossom are just like just can’t get enough!!!
Lovely capture of Ewenice and Hank.

Sarah said...

pictures forgotton on the disk are kind of like finding money in the pockets of something you pull out of the closet. It can be an exciting moment, and at the same time your disgusted with yourself for forgetting.
LOVED the chickens with the bird feeders. Very humerous conversation.

Michelle said...

i love your cast of characters!

Maureen said...

Yes! Definitely more please! Those are so great... looks so green and a lot cooler!

Sheepmom said...

Yes, more please! Blossom is a typical little kid - eating dirt! Love the Hank and Ewenice shot. Makes you go "Awwwww..."

Susan said...

Can there ever be too many pictures of Blossom? I think not.

Terry said...

Of course we want more!!!
That Hank is a fine dog.

Ed said...

Ahhhhhh spring, oh well it will soon be fall...not soon enough. Great pics to find, we will miss Miss Ewenice..:-))

Far Side of Fifty said...

Ah you found a wonderful surprise! Lovely photos your Iris:)


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