Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Dog And Pony Show

Well, without the pony... It was too hot on the horse show night to even think about going over.

This is county fair week. Always fun. Our neighborhood (The Mount Vernon Mafia ;-) always works the gate on Monday nights. When it slows down later in the evening, I go check to see how our wares fared and call Stella with the ribbon report.

She got a blue ribbon for her honey and a white for her lace shawl and I got a couple blues for the Fair Isle mittens, the wool wreath and a red for the B. Willard sweater.

Last night they had a dog show with fun classes like Best Trick, Cutest Mutt, Waggliest Tail, Longest Sit and Best Behaved. Miss Tilly/Weaslie doesn't do any tricks, has no tail, only sits if there is food involved and best behaved...? That would be Iris ;-).

Look at these cuties :-).

Waiting patiently.

Longest sit? This beautiful dog has it down pat!

The class should have been Handsomest Mutt. Quite a poser.

An excellent costume.

"How was that? Did I do good?"

Yes, you did good.

Iris ended up Reserve Champion and won a 40 lb bag of dog food from Tractor Supply Company and a grooming certificate for The Animal House. Thanks :-D.

"But...didn't I just get a bath???"


Alice said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR RIBBONS!!! I’m so happy you entered your work into competition! I hope Iris shares some of her booty dog food with Weaslie ;-)
And Stella got ribbons as well!!! Wow! the Mt. Vernon Mafia cleaned up in the awards department ;-)
What a celebratory posting!

CathyD. said...

WOW, what a haul! And of course Miss Iris won, not surprised at all. Congratulations to all.
Those mittens really were beautiful.

Benita said...

HA! You won a blue ribbon on the fleece you accidentally felted in the washing machine? That is so cool!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yay! Iris knows how to bring home the dog food! Only a red on that beautiful sweater..but great job on the mittens and that wreath that was a mistake..:)

Terry said...

A well deserved haul!

Sandy said...

Congrats! Love the "Handsomest Mutt"...that is one good looking dog!

Tombstone Livestock said...

congratulations on the ribbons and good job Iris too.

Dreaming said...

I love a good fair... but not when it is sticky hot. Uck!
Congrats on the ribbons!

Michelle said...

Congrats to Iris!

Jenny Glen said...

YEA IRIS! Your Auntie Jenny is proud of you!

Michelle said...

Yay, Iris and Sara! Thunderous applause (and jealous barks) from Oregon!

Christine said...

Congratulations! Such a good doggie! Give her a biscuit and a scratch for me.

Sheepmom said...

Good job! A fair is so much fun. Glad you and Stella were rewarded for all the hard work you do. It's nice to have it recognized.

Spinners End Farm said...

Great Job Iris! (oh, and you too Sarah!)

I love that white & Caramel terror (er. terrier) in the first photo...I'd take him in a heart beat!

Susan said...

I love county fairs! It's my favorite thing to do in the summer. I'm glad you weren't my competition in the knitting/fiber category - both are beautiful! And Iris! Good girl!

small farm girl said...

Wow! Iris did good!!!!

small farm girl said...

Oh, and you did good too!!!!! Lol


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