Friday, July 20, 2012

Off Duty...For A Minute

Hank works hard all night. Not that he doesn't work during the day, but his "busy" schedule is dusk til dawn. He naps off and on for most of the day, especially when it's hot like this, but he also takes one last hard nap in the late afternoon before clocking in and then again in the morning after everything's settled down.

That's Renny's broad as a barn backside by the way. Her face, tail and around her legs stayed dark brown, but the rest of her is medium gray bleached out to tan. What sort of Shetland color pattern might match that?

Hank's looking over at his buddy Marcel.

He loves Marcel. We all do. Just a nice, nice sheep. He never causes any trouble so sometimes he just flies along under the radar. What makes him sad. Seriously. So then he'll walk over to me, look up and say, "Would you please give me a hug?" which of course I do and some kisses too and that's all he wants and he walks off happy. Seriously.

Some sheep like hugs (Ewen is a big hugger) and some don't. I catch Willard on a regular basis and force a hug and kiss on him and then he says "Blech!" and staggers off ;-). Buddy likes to be scratched, as does Henri and Annabelly. Petunia likes her face scritched, as does Blossom. Graham doesn't care what you do to him just so long as you are doing something. Go ahead and paddle him. If you don't know what he's done, he does! Just kidding...sort of ;-).

I always think it's funny to watch what the sheep are doing in the background. Do you see goofy Graham peaking over the back?

And the crowd disperses. Except Renny, who's noticed that the gate to the hay stall isn't latched. Hank's watching her...but decides to "let it slide". I did too. Between the two of us, he's the better employee for sure.

Still hot, but we've gotten a couple rains in the last two days. Maybe a drought breaker? I feel a bit more rejuvenated regardless. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with the barn renovation. The My Favorite Sheep Tour de Fleece team is kicking it. Blossom's getting bigger every day...but she's still a sweet lil lambie who likes to take naps on her cot :-).


Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Love how you love on your sheep!! If only all humans knew how diverse sheep personalities are - just like people!! There would be a lot less Lamb chops served on the dinner table!

bj from La Colline said...

That felt like we were on the porch with morning coffee and chit-chatting while watching Hank and his charges. Thanks for the cuppa, I really enjoyed the visit.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Those pictures were taken from the porch :-D.

Tombstone Livestock said...

just when you figure out the color of a shetland it will change.

Annette said...

I just love Hank. The hugging bit reminds me of our goats. You could hug Little Bear all day but never Cowboy.

Christine said...

She's a katmoget! This post makes me miss Willa in a big way. Such hard working animals. Poor Hank must be tired, can't imagine he's getting much sleep during the middle of the day as hot as it is.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hank is such a trooper and takes his job real serious!:)

Ed said...

Each one with a different personality and there is good ole Hank, the glue that binds the whole thing together..:-))

Leanne said...

Hi! New to your blog. Loving it! This was a great post. We have an alpaca farm and it's funny how you know their personalities and know what each one likes, just like your sheep. Looking forward to reading more!

Alice said...

Who knew there could be so many ways to send your love by touching?
Thanks for sharing your view from the porch ;-)

farmlady said...

Renny is a "wide load" sheep, but beautiful.
Aren't all the sheep different personalities? Each has its own favorite way of wanting affection.
Love the "barnyard afternoon with white dog" photos.
Say hello to Blossom... sweet little lambie.


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