Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keebler Cookies Or Keebler's Cookies?

The first box of party cookies arrived a couple days ago. Keebler says thanks, Sally :-). Actually Renny (who the cookies were really sent to) says thanks, but we can't let Keebler know about that. Not only is he a tad bit jealous of all the attention Renny gets, but he's also fully aware that His Name Is On The Box.

In the middle of the video shoot Monday, one of our neighbors and her daughter-in-law stopped by. Usually they are accompanied by two cute little girls who are quite. popular. around here. There's only one reason Keebler would ever walk run away from a camera lens. The chickens knew what to expect as well.

They were denied.

"Um, what about the cookies?"

"Did you get a cookie?"

"No, did you?"

"No. There were no cookies. I can't believe there were no cookies."

"Did they really not bring us any cookies?"

Weaslie gave up first, but the Shuck chicken remained hopeful.

And then just Keebler.

"I can't believe there were no cookies. Maybe they'll come back with the cookies. Yeah, maybe they just forgot to give them to us. Surely there are cookies..."

Poor Keebs. If he can just hang on for a couple more days.

This Saturday is the Hug A Sheep Day Farm Party! Come out from 1:00 to 4:00 and meet your favorite sheep(s) and Hank, Iris, Weaslie, Betsy and Comby. Eli and Claire Bear will be nowhere to be found and the Adventure Chickens prefer not to be hugged, but would be happy to eat your cookies/crackers/leftover spaghetti...

Once again we'll have some willing hugging recipients out front, but you aren't required to hug a sheep. You can hug some wool yarn or give 20 a big ole hug. He's really excited about his first Hug a Sheep Day :-). The forecast is looking okay - sunny, but cool enough you can wear wool. Can't beat that!

And for everyone hosting their own Hug A Sheep Day event, large or small, don't forget to add it to the list.

If you have any questions, need directions...drop me an email at thecrazysheeplady AT gmail DOT com.

See you Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there to hug a sheep on Sunday but I'll be at home in California--a little too far for a day-trip! I'm just about to get started on a new project for Bluebell. Hope to send a picture soon.

Autumn said...

I won't be able to come, but will someone please give Miss Ewenice a hug for me?

thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm thinking about putting Miss Ewenice in the hugging paddock. She'd LOVE some hugs! :-)

lisa said...

No cookie, now that is a shame ;)

Ed said...

Awwww poor Keebs, chin up fella Saturday is fast approaching and it will be a cookiepalooza..:-)

Terry said...

I'd love to hug a sheep! Someday...

Alice said...

Poor Keebler! Did he sulk for very long?
Who will take the blame for this obvious faux pas?
BTW: Does Graham eat graham crackers or do they all have to eat what Keebler wants?

thecrazysheeplady said...

I've never tried graham crackers, but I'm sure they'd eat 'em ;-).


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