Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Midnight Oil

The shearers are on their way here at 8:00 this morning, so I don't have time to 'splain these nighttime shearing shots. Yes, nighttime. The first nighttime. Yes, there were two.

Just getting started at Kathy's Monday night.

Saint Tim and Saint Tony working the pens and chute.

Bill and Don shearing. Looks like I'm two fleeces behind bagging.

Isn't it awful late to be doing this? It is way past my bed (and dinner) time!

The longer we went, the steamier it got. This was after all the nasty weather that delayed everything.

Yeah, I know. We were all tired too.

But not as tired as after the second epic shearing day yesterday.

This was my morning view yesterday...and today. (Do you see Venus to the right of the moon?)

It won't be my view tomorrow.




Alice said...

It takes a village to shear a sheep. Thank goodness you help each other out. With those cold damp temperatures, those sheep were not saying "Baaaa", but "Brrrr!"

Lori Skoog said...

Oh that farm life! You know you wouldn't trade it for anything! For the love of all our sweet animals.... Do the sheep adapt pretty quickly to the weather or do they prefer to hang out in the barn? What kind of temps are you having down there? Has to be better than here.

Pretty soon you will be finished...I love the photos in the dark.

Nancy K. said...

What an awesome setup! Those poor sheep DO look tired. I have no pity for the humans. They are the ones who decided to do the terrible deed...


What kind of sheep are those? I love the woolly faces/heads.

Michelle said...

That is one slick shearing operation! But the humans there keep insane hours.... ;-)

Robin said...

Oy, shearing in the evening....sure, no reason not to just never even had the thought cross my mind. I"m watching the weather and as soon as I see a slight improvement coming I have to get our flock scheduled.

small farm girl said...

Your a better woman than I am. I would have curled up in the fleece and went to sleep. lol

DayPhoto said...

Great post. Sorry about the late nights...they are never fun.


Susan said...

What an ordeal! For all of you - shearers, shepherds and sheep alike. I hope you get a nice block of sleep to help you recover. Some very lovely fleeces there.

Leah said...

Oh, farming! It does get intense at times. I hope you have a nice bathtub and your favorite muscle rub and a peaceful rest after that epic run of shearing.

Mom L said...

I'm waiting for the shots of (heh heh) nekkid sheep!!!

Nancy in Iowa

thecrazysheeplady said...

Sheep are fine. Beautiful weather today - mid 50's and sunny. Supposedly sheep re-regulate themselves in about 36 hours, but while some folks shear in the middle of winter, I wouldn't be able to.

The sheep over at Kathy's are a mix of Cotswolds, Wensleydale, Rambouillet, Texel and several other breeds. They have a wide range of lovely fleeces. I set quite a few aside for the Ky Sheep and Fiber Festival in May.

I do have a hot tub, bottle of wine, dinner on the way home. My bottle of Aleve is out in the car and I'm headed that way to retrieve it.


flowerweaver said...

What a marathon! Hope you are able to unwind after burnin' the midnight oil!

Bee Lady said...

Wow what a job. I have never been to a sheep sheering. Very interesting. What do you do with all of your wool? Just curious. Do you spin?

Cindy Bee

Dreaming said...

Thanks for adding the sheep's perspective!
Uh...maybe I don't want sheep

Ed said...

Very cool, I can't wait to see the boys and girls all shorn, that will be a hoot..:-)
p.s. I did some sheep shots at the zoo on Thursday and will do a sheep post on Saturday, maybe you could identify what type they are..:-)

gowestferalwoman said...

marathon sheep shearing ~ whoaaa...


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