Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Idiot Abroad

Me and a few of my favorite sheep spent the day downtown at the St. Patrick's Day festival and parade in Lexington, Kentucky.

Ewen McTeagle, who would follow me to the ends of the earth. Or a bar.

We were actually there working, promoting the second annual Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival coming up (too) soon, May 21st and 22nd.

I chose Keebler as one of the sheep ambassadors not because I thought he'd enjoy doing this job, but because he's broke to lead. Possibly having to lead down a crowded sidewalk to get back to the trailer, this was important.

I knew he'd be miserable, but decided everyone's got to pull their weight. He surprised me and actually had a great time (being the star of the show).

B. Willard just has crazy eyes. He's done several of these meet and greets and doesn't seem to mind them at all.

"I see green people. "

Ewen was a little stressed in the beginning. He's not been off the farm except for participating in a live nativity as a baby. He marched into McCarthy's though like he owned the place. Unfortunately we didn't get any good inside pictures :-/.

Miss Iris was the Border Collie representative and did an outstanding job letting kids of all ages pet, pat, pull, kiss and hug on her. For hours. You could tell she was worn out by the end, but she never backed off from her duties. Her Aunt Debbie will be proud.

Deb W. taught about a hundred kids how to spin.

And this gentleman walked up, grabbed my drop spindle and went to spinning. He said he'd learned to spin at the deaf school back in the early 50's and wanted to see if he still remembered how to do it. He did!

I was really looking forward to seeing the sheep herded down the parade route, but never heard them coming because they were buried behind an extremely loud and I'm sure scary (to a sheep) motorcycle group. Grrr.

But look what I found in the common area. The first of the season.

I think this should be able to pull double duty for Sunday Stills - The Letter P because it was St Patrick's Day.

For more Sunday Stills...


  1. you'll be happy to hear I taught a kid to drop spindle today at our St. Patrick's party. I can't believe they let you in the bar with the sheep. Only in KY.

  2. OOOO! I want to come to KY and celebrate St Patty's with you. What an amazing montage of photos. Your photos are beautiful, your animals are precious, and your spirit is irrepressible. Kudos! I want to come play.

  3. Cute post..I enjoyed it very much:)

  4. What an awesome experience for all those lucky people. Would have enjoyed being there, too.

  5. Sorry to miss Ewen going into McCarthy's. Sounds like Little E had lots of fun as well as did the sheep. I ended up with my own "Goodwill Lamb Tour" at the farm with guard dogs getting hugged and loved on by 3 wonderful young ladies and they hugged and loved on sheep and Hope the cow.
    Little E said someone fell off the chair at M's when Ewen came in! Hah, Ewen, my hero!

  6. A GREAT "P" post! Punkin's Patch has such spirit.

  7. What wonderful Ambassadors for the KY Sheep & Wool Festival!

    It looks like a very fun day.

  8. Oh what fun, I'm sorry we missed it! BTW, Miss Iris looks great!

  9. It cracks me up that everyone is just standing around in front of the bar as if having a sheep there is nothing unusual.

    The pics with the kids are adorable. Love the little overalls.

  10. Yeah! Keebs would be the star, but Ewen is the true star..;-)) That looked like alot of fun..

  11. Oh wow...looks like great fun! I almost felt I was in Ireland with all the green :-)

  12. I feel a joke coming on..."A sheep walks into a bar...".
    Seriously, the shot of Ewen going into the bar is frameworthy.
    And B. Willard does NOT have crazy eyes. They're just special.

  13. It looks like you had a great day. What fun. I really like to be part of demos...but it can be exhausting!

  14. How kind of you to share your pals with others at the festival.

  15. A Hamp/Suffolk cross named Ewen
    Said, "Sara, what the heck are you doin'?
    You know that I pale
    When I drink Irish ale.
    It's the cookies I'd rather be chewin' ! "

    Too funny pictures!!!

  16. Miss Olive and I are really sorry we weren't there. It looks like it was a great day.

  17. A Sheep walks into a Bar.....


    Your photos made me smile huge. Thanks for sharing. :)


  18. Did he have a pint of Guiness? ;) LOL HOw fun is this--I bet everyone loved the sheep.

  19. I loved the sheep parade. Makes me want to come from Oregon for the festival. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  20. You have the most fun with your sheep of anyone I know. They go more places and do more things with you than most people's dogs. Going into the bar for a pint.....That is just TOO FUNNY. What I wouldn't have given to see someone with a snootfull suddenly see Ewen standing there. Gas to get to the parade and bar - $3.50 a gallon. Seeing the patrons when Ewen goes IN the bar.....priceless!

  21. We celebrate St parade's day with a parade and lots of pub crawl.

    I like your sheep parade.

  22. you have given new meaning to the word- play on the nursery rhyme: "Bar, Bar black sheep" :-)

  23. What an absolutely fun day and I'm so glad you shared it!

  24. Looks like a lot of fun! That shot of Ewen going into the bar is great- the pub should buy a copy of it.

  25. Just a wonderful post! I loved every step of the way!!!!!


  26. Oh this was fun!!! Thank you for taking us with you through the photos!!!

  27. Great way to get the word out! A kudoos (!) to all the sheep ambassadors for a job well done!


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