Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Not Stills

It's been a long week and I wasn't sure I could come up with something original enough for this week's Sunday Stills "Landscapes" assignment. Landscapes, no. Lawn ornaments, yes.

At least every now and then they do something entertaining. Here everyone is worried about something up the road. T-Bone - you gotta love him - fearlessly mugging for the camera.

"Run away!"

"Follow Aria - she'll save us!"

Of course they spend the rest of the time picking on her. Boys.

Swinging back around.

And around. She's stepping out pretty good for an old lady and looking good for 28.

Down across the creek...

Showing some nice form there, T-Bone!

Well, until the landing...on all four feet at one time. Ouch!

And moving on to greener pastures.

That's the purpose for the black muzzles on the three boys. Too much lush, green grass. The muzzles limit (there is a hole in the bottom which slows them down) their grazing to a safe level so they don't over eat in the spring, founder and suffer a horrible death.

They make these in all sizes, including for miniature horses. I'm seriously thinking about trying one on Buddy and Woolliam. They are so fat I'm worried they might founder. Green grass is pretty, but...

Anyone out there with horribly fat sheep? Any suggestions?


Alice said...

Fun not-still photos! I like the T-bone leap! Looks like he could actually go over the fence if he wanted.

I suppose they don't make appetite suppressants for sheep do they? Maybe an area of your farm has to be dedicated to be sandy or non grassy so the too fat sheep can be outside but not have food at their feet.

Eleanor P said...

Trying to find a grazing muzzle for my Petunia, Dumpling, Opie, Whoopie and maybe another sheep or two--will let you know if I have any luck!

We can't be the only ones out there with too fat sheep!

Lori Skoog said...

Love all these shots. The herd is looking great!

Ed said...

Love them all! How about a muzzle for us humans, that may help me.:-)

Shula said...

Nice looking horses I love it when they show off for the camera. I always have a hard time taking pictures of my horse because as soon as I get the camera out he's in my face lol.

small farm girl said...

Where did you get those muzzles? We have a mare that will eat until she busts. I think she eats even when she sleeps. lol

thecrazysheeplady said...

I get them from our local tack shop Wise Choice - in Lexington - but found them on Amazon if you can't find a local source - try TSC or maybe a Suuthern States...

Dana and Daisy said...

Mmm. Beautiful!


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