Saturday, May 22, 2010

Arthur "Two MORE Sheds" Jackson

Remember the story of Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson? I guess Saint Tim will have to be "Two More Sheds" because I can't figure out if he was already "Four Sheds" or if the big side shed made him "Five Sheds"... It's an epidemic.

Now that Hank's on the job, we feel much more confident putting the sheep into more remote paddocks during the day. This is beneficial not only for grass grazing, but also aids in the reduction of parasites by always giving us a "clean" field to rotate into.

Hmmm - looking at how fat some of our sheep are, maybe we need to re-think that and start feeding them some worms...

This cute little shed is for Crazy Esther and Elizabeth - the old ladies. While Elizabeth likes to eat cereal in the morning and would be happy to be able to have free choice "cookies" all day long, she is probably not going to like moving into the retirement home. Cookies vs. Freedom? She's a Jacob sheep. Always pick freedom.

Esther will be fine. She's become too feeble to go out with everyone and mostly stays up at the barn trying to talk someone into coming back in to stay with her. That will be Elizabeth's job.

Miss Ewenice has sent her application in three times already - on nice handmade straw based paper, professionally typeset, thank you note after each interview...

Sorry sweetie, that last thing you need is unlimited amounts of cookies ;-).


Alice said...

What a lovely shelter for the old sheep-folks! I think the motto should be:"Life is short, eat dessert first"
More cookies, please!

Saint Tim must be related to Saint Joseph.
I can't wait to see who actually uses the shed.

cyndy said...

Your pasture always looks so lovely!

Nice looking sheds too! (when I first read the title of your post, I thought it was going to be about weaving!)

Tammy said...

NICE shed! I hope the retirement complex goes over well..... I have an 'elizabeth' here as well. Rouen is a ten year old Shetland who needs a consistent supply of free choice cookies as well. However much she loves eats and scratches, she doesn't want to be 'babied' and balks at even going into a stall so I can pen her up at meal times. Silly old gals.

flowerweaver said...

The sheds look great! I'm so glad Hank has worked out.

Christine said...

ROTFL, what a lovely assisted living facility. Nice try, Ewenice.

Eleanor P said...

The sheep at my house think that the assisted living area is a "roach motel". The old sheep go over there and they never return to the big pasture again. What the rest of the sheep don't know is that the old sheep babysit the young 'uns and get lots and lots of animal crackers, cookies and feed.
I've a whole bunch getting older and older now. And I just love every one of them.

Ed said...

If I remember right, was'nt Arthur"2 sheds" Jackson a Monty Python skit? :-)

DayPhoto said...

I love your 'old folks home'. Everyone should be so lucky. I had to laugh because there are those who love to chat and hope people will hang around and do so. Why not sheep also?



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