Thursday, May 20, 2010

Like A Diamond In The Sky

After a cool, rainy night, the greenhouse sparkles in the morning light.

Droplets of condensation hang like Christmas ornaments from the tomato plants.

And sit like diamonds on leaves all over the yard.

I should look for a four leaf clover next dewy morning. Wouldn't that be neat!

The iris' have been just beautiful this spring. Blooming and blooming.

Singing a happy spring song.

These peonies were here when we moved in. They happen to grow just inside where we had to place the fence in the front field. The stupid horses either eat them or trample them, so each year we haul cattle panels out to protect them. Small price to pay for such lovely friends. I can smell them all the way to the house.

These peonies were stolen from a neighbor and friend from long ago. Tilly (Miss Tilly's namesake) had passed away and I somehow heard they were getting ready to bulldoze everything. I snuck over that night and dug a few. She'd be happy to know I'd saved some and thrilled I'd "stolen" them ;-).

I've had some great neighbors.


Window On The Prairie said...

Beautiful pictures. You certainly have a wonderful eye for composition. My irises are blooming their little hearts out too. The Prairie Wild Rose started blooming here, so I did a post about it today.

DayPhoto said...

Beautiful photos, once more! You are really very good with that camera!


Lori Skoog said...

Beautiful photographs! Love the story of the peonies.

Leedra said...

Sometimes sneaking a start is better than asking. Several years ago we could tell a lot of dirt was going to be pushed over a hill that was covered in daffodils in bloom. My husband went and asked if we could dig some. The man said 'if you NEED them, you can get a FEW!', well my husband didn't NEED any, we had plenty, I just couldn't stand the thought of all those bulbs being covered by 10 or 20 ft of dirt. The next week the 20 ft of dirt was on top of all those beautiful bulbs. I never did care for that man after that, and I sure wouldn't have ever let him build a house for me.

So glad you took some of the peonies, that dark color is so very pretty.

Alice said...

Card worthy photos, Sara. After the raindrops, all you needed was whiskers on kittens,...... and a few more of my favorite things. :-))

flowerweaver said...

There's some old wives tales that in order for a plant from a friend to survive, it actually needs to be stolen! Maybe this is where the term pinched comes from!

Ed said...

Great shots! Sorry for all the comments. I'm trying to catch up on all your posts and all I have is dial up from my mobile wireless.:-)


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