Friday, June 12, 2009

Solo Shots

Some days I head out with my camera and come home with nothing good. Some days I'm really happy with my pictures. Yesterday I came home happy. I am not "good". I am "lucky". The light was nice, the grass is still green and lush here and my sheep are beautiful (of course ;-). By the way, I took the latest poll down because a. it seemed wrong to be picking favorites and b. I have a surprise coming (if I'm clever enough to pull it off).

I have too many pictures I want to share. This blog is primarily a photo diary for us (I love to look back at the different "chapters"), but still I try to not overload the pictures on any one entry. As I looked through these latest photos, I noticed that I had great shots of some best friends (yes, our sheep have friends) and some nice solo shots. So, here are the solos:

This is Rebecca Boone (in the foreground). She is popular and has lots of friends, but no one I would call her best friend. She does like to play with Keebler through the gate that separates them (until he gets bigger), so we'll see.

Beanie Baby. I'm not sure anyone really likes him. Even his momma (Heidi) doesn't seem to care much about him. He's a wether now, but maybe this is a "ram" issue and the way nature intends it.

Ford-o. Also an ex-ram (better than being an ex-Packer - don't even get me started on the whole Brett Favre playing for the Vikings thing! ;-)

Uncle Jester. Definitely not a loner. Well, he's sort of a loner, but he's very concerned about the entire flock staying together. I tried to separate out the older sheep that needed some extra chow once and he worried himself sick. Literally. He adopted Emily when she was a weanling and has continued to look after her and all of her babies too. I love that about him.

I just love this picture, but I don't think Buddy is actually looking at the bird. I think he's looking off towards the barn trying to figure out what's going on with the new building (we're all trying to figure out what's going on out there, but don't get me started on that either.)

Headed out to lunch with some of my (2 legged) friends. Tomorrow I'll post some picture of some sheep friends.


Alice said...

Rebecca Boone has such an incredible coat. Looks like every hair is neatly waved in place. Nice to get to know the rest of your sheep family!

Garry DesMetis said...

I am curious about two things... you may have explained this elsewhere and if you have, i apologize for not seeing it... but the painting on your barn with all of the flowers... who did it? Does it have some american significance? It is quite good...

2. Here in Switzerland, once the roof is put on a building, a tree is nailed to the top of the v of the roof. Do you folks do that too? A pagan thing, but it is strange to see a multimillion dollar building downtown with a tree tacked on to the roof......

thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm going to try to link all the barn quilt posts here, but if it doesn't show up right, you can do a search in the upper left hand corner of our blog for "barn quilts".

Also, if you do a google search for "barn quilts" you can see quilts from all over the country. It's a neat program/idea.

I'm intrigued with the thought of putting a tree on our roof. I'll have to look into that.


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