Thursday, April 16, 2009

Uncommonly Good

Well, we're still in gloomy weather mode here and Keebler has decided he'd rather. just. play. in. the. kitchen. This is going to be problematic come winter, eh? He stands on the bottom step and looks at the cold, wet grass, looks at me trying to coax him into the yard, looks at the cold, wet grass and turns around and hops back up the stairs to the kitchen door. If I "make" him go out, he walks, picking his feet up really high, and just looks pitiful. Hopefully the sun will come out this afternoon. In the meantime, I'll catch up with some questions.

Keebler was born last Wednesday, so he's 8 days old.

Remember the pretty Wensleydale/Cotswold fleece from a few weeks ago? That was his daddy's. His momma is a Texel or Texel cross, I think (I need to find out for sure).

He's living in the kitchen so he doesn't get too lonely and can have lots of attention. It's also easier to feed him here rather then trekking up to the barn every time. We just keep plenty of clean up towels handy. Our kitchen has a perfect set up with linoleum flooring, one door leading out to the porch and the other has a permanent baby gate blocking the rest of the carpeted house. Sometimes he sleeps in his house and sometimes he sleeps on a dog bed. He gets to choose.

He eats every 3 hours right now, but he goes 4 hours between his night feedings.

He came with the name Keebler. His Auntie (name withheld because she thinks she's flying under the radar as a crazy sheep lady - yeah, um, right ;-) tagged him with his "elfin magic face" and immediately came up with Keebler. Perfect!

He was one of a set of triplets. The farm he came from always pulls a triplet so that the mommas don't have more than two babies to raise. This is a common practice with larger flocks.

Anything else?

Here's a ba-ba video from last night. Those are my favorite jeans, by the way, so don't be hatin' me for my high style ;-).


melanie said...

"That's all you need..." - he doesn't look convinced. Too cute.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

loved watching the video, bless his heart.

Those jeans look like they are at the perfect stage of wearing comfort.

Nancy K. said...

TEXEL cross???
He's gonna be HUGE!!!I'm thinking you're gonna need a bigger cage....


flowerweaver said...

Very cute!

Peruby said...

And you don't have to burp him!

~Molly~ said...

Oh its a gooood thing you live far, far away from me or I'd already have sheep-napped that cutie pie!! He is a DOLL.

We have a new baby here too, looks like your Comby and/or Brushy. Thankfully I don't have to bottle feed him though!


Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

I love your photo and story about Keebler. One of my favourite memories when I was very young was having a baby lamb in a large cardboard box in our basement for a couple days. My dad had brought it from his Dad's farm to show at school to help educate the city kids about farming.

It's very refreshing to hear of someone who is relaxed and practical about keeping animals in the kitchen (we think alike!)

Griffox said...

More videos are needed for sure!

Deb said...

That's about the most adorable thing I've ever seen - especially that little tail wiggling.

I'm a townie, but I thought they used elastic bands to dock the tails, and it takes a while. How is his tail short at only a few days old?

thecrazysheeplady said...

Good question. In the past I've always banded their tails. The shepherd on Keebler's farm cuts them - well, it's a clamping and cutting tool. When I put bands on, they sometimes take up to 30 minutes for the tail to get numb enough for it to quit hurting. When she docked his tail, he flinched for about 2 seconds and then carried on like nothing had happened. Gruesome, but in the end I've decided, more humane.

Alice said...

Just now seeing the video. I wondered how big a sheep ba-ba was. Looks like Keebler wouldn't have minded a couple of those. What a sweet lamb video...peekaboo jeans and all!


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