Monday, April 13, 2009

Of Little Lambs And Bees

Another big day. As soon as the sun peaked out, Keebler and I headed outside. He's living in the kitchen right now, but likes to take naps on the couch, bed and dog beds, too ;-).

He had some fun running around.

Eating some grass in the orchard.

Eating some stuff he probably really shouldn't.

Taking another nap. (It's hard to take a picture with a camera in one hand and a sleeping baby in the other!)

He slept and slept and I thankfully had taken a good book out with me, Beeing, by Rosanne Daryl Thomas. I had started reading it yesterday while I had Keebler outside and I'm glad I had an "excuse" to sit down and read for awhile again today, because it was a thoroughly enjoyable story of a new beekeeper's experiences with her first hives of bees.

She ends her book by saying, "...but I would ask that you take at least a moment to appreciate them in the open air the next time you spy a bee at work in a flower." And I looked up and realized that as the air had warmed, I was surrounded by hundreds of busy bees.

(Click to biggify and see some bees.)


gtyyup said...

He is cute beyond words!! What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon...a sleeping lamb on your lap and a good book!

String said...

This little guy is beyond adorable, He reminds me of a baby goat we had a while ago. His mom was one of our neighbor's goats and he wouldn't nurse. Our neighbor knew my mom would know what to do so he brought the baby and some calf formula to us. He wouldn't suck forever until my sister held him and rocked him and worked on feeding him all afternoon one day. She was about 6.5 months pregnant and her milk ended up letting down when he finally figured out the bottle. Sadly that baby goat got killed by dogs.

flowerweaver said...

He's the cutest!

kristi said...

Oh, I love a white lamb!! He is totally adorable! I must have missed the post on how Keebler came to be at your home...please fill me in:)

Amy Ellen said...

He is just so cute, and he put a very needed smile on my face tonight. Thanks

Dana and Daisy said...

what a great day you had! How could anyone not fall in love with those baby lambs? Oh they are so adorable and sweet!

melanie said...

Oh...(I am speechless with the cuteness)

DayPhoto said...

I am so happy for you and your new little baby. He is just a doll!


Eleanor P said...

There is nothing quite like a bottle lamb. I love the sound of little hooves on the kitchen floor, on the dining room floor, oops no sound on the living room carpet--what? Strange sound--lamb jumping from sofa to chair to ottoman to sofa...This was Button's thing (he's 2 now) until he jumped in a friend's lap with those pointy hooves--found him a buddy and moved him outside then.

Linda B. said...

A lamb in the kitchen :-). The other day I was thinking about my friends and realized that all my friends have either had a lamb or a goat kid living in their kitchen.

tonya fedders said...

I didn't think there would be a lamb ever that was cuter than our litle 'carlie.. but, well there is now! He's the most huggable looking little smiley faced lamb I've ever seen. Looks like he's full of personality too!


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