Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Little Honor Student

"Lambs should start ruminating (chewing cud) around three weeks old." Keebler won't be three weeks until Wednesday and he's been doing this for several days already! We're so proud. But not too surprised. We're all a bunch of good eaters around here ;-).

So what exactly is chewing his cud? Well, first he eats some grass. If you listen closely you can hear him...between bird calls.

He can even eat laying down, half asleep.

Then, if you watch closely you can see him burp up some half chewed grass and chew on it some more. In his sleep. With his cute little ears hanging down in "sleep mode". With his trusty Border Collie.

It's super hot here and sitting under a shade tree with Keebler is not a bad place to be this afternoon.



DayPhoto said...

Keeble is darling! I like how you got the back of his head, with his soft little ears looking so touchable.

You can send your heat this way! We are more than ready.


Shelley said...

I cannot begin to say how cute Keebler is! Your photos are just adorable.

Ed said...

O.K. I'm all in, Keebler is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! It warms this truck drivers heart to see him and trust me not much does these days, thanks for sharing..:-)

Alice said...

I can see from the way he looks right at the camera in the third video, that he is quite proud of his burping and chewing accomplishment. He is so much trying to be a big boy now..... and he is just baby yet!

Jenny Glen said...

I HOPE you are bringing him to the Bluegrass. I think there might be some cute photo ops if he and June get to meet.

Dianne said...

So advanced for his age!

Rayna said...

You could send some of that green grass our way! (Minnesota)...and maybe a Keebler clone... :D

Anonymous said...

He's so adorable! Love that last photo -- and don't you love it when they are so advanced, like all our "children." :D


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