Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Fun

A neighbor hauled in a couple loads of topsoil for us so we can try once again to fix the grading along the little creek that has never gotten established (see previous entry re: grass). I moved the sheep out to the creek field to keep them away from the shed construction on the other side of the barn. Put the two together?

(Click to biggify)

Ewen McTeagle joins in. You know you're in trouble, Rebecca Boone, when the sheep lumbering up the hill below you is still taller than you ;-). Remember, you can click the label "Ewen McTeagle" below and see pictures from when he was small enough to be carried around.

Sunshine makes a run at the reigning Queen of the Hill.

And sends everyone packing.


DayPhoto said...

They are just like children let loose to play on the playground!


Alice said...

Ewen has definitely grown since those early pictures. What is even more amazing is the spunkiness of Sunshine. I didn't know that sheep liked to play Queen/King of the mountain ( of dirt)! Aren't they silly?

Anonymous said...

Saved as a favorite, I really like your website!


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