Monday, March 23, 2009

Fresh Paint

I was just trying to take a couple pictures of the fences all black and the sheds painted, but as always, upon review I found some other 'prizes.

If you look closely (click to biggify), you'll see a Cotswold sandwich - and no, not the kind you eat! At first I thought it was just Buddy and Woolliam hanging out together - they're great buds - but then I noticed a gray shadow between them. It's nice to see the boys being kind to their little sister for a change. Well, Buddy's always nice, but Woolliam is just a brat. That boy has no clue that the entire universe doesn't revolve solely around him.

And here is a sweet picture of Emily letting granddaughter Clover Belly itch her face on one of her upright horns. That's her daughter Spooky Tooth (Caspar Belly) laying next to her. A very close knit family. Both of those lambs have beautiful fleeces by the way - I can't wait to shear them.

And just in case you were concerned that the cats weren't getting enough rest...


Kara said...

I love your fencing and sheds. Just Beautiful. Great photos as always.

DayPhoto said...

Maybe in my next life I'll be a cat! My granddaughter was telling me that she knows that I am a chicken, because I like to get up early and scratch in the yard.

Me, a chicken, hummmmm


Amy Ellen said...

Love the pictures of the sheep. They looks peaceful and happy. And you know being a cat would not be all that bad,LOL

tonya fedders said...

Wow, you have been busy! Painting fences already? I am jealous :) I can't wait to get to fencing projects this year. I loved your post about being "on guard" all night. A true shepherdess.


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