Sunday, December 9, 2007

"You Wouldn't Understand..."

Sorry to be so few and far between. With everything going on with T-Bone and trying to fill Christmas orders, I'm buried. Have no new or good news to report with T's foot. I took him to the clinic the other day for follow up x-rays and we didn't learn anything very helpful other than we've done everything we can and from here on out, it's going to be up to him. I feel very bad for him. No one likes to be sick over the holidays (or any time).

When I got back from the vet clinic, I thought the ground was still frozen enough that I could turn the truck and trailer around in the sheep field. The weather was warming up and I thought that if I didn't get it done then, with the warm rain coming in, we wouldn't get it done for at least a week and I didn't want to chance being without the trailer if I needed it. So, I gave it a good try and....there she sat.

One thing you learn living with Jacob sheep, is never, ever, ever leave the keys in the vehicle/tractor/ATV. There probably aren't any Cheviots out there that are clever enough to steal a truck, but you just can't trust those wily Jacobs.

Or Buddy and Boudreaux either, come to think of it.

Actually, as a baby, Popcorn PP Pants was pretty fond of the ATV as well.

Must be a "sheep" thing.


~Tonia~ said...

It is a little boy and big boy thing too. Kevin and James love our ATV. I am constantly having to give James rides. LOL

Love the pictures. The ATV one looks like they know how to make it go now they are trying to figure how that they will shift with only having hooved type feet. ;)

~Molly~ said...

Poor T-Bone, he is in my prayers. No time is good for a family member to be sick but especially around this wonderful holiday. I hope he is on the mend soon.



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