Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

We're in the middle of all the last minute scrambling to get every last thing done, but I wanted to take a break to wish everyone a happy holiday.

For anyone not familiar with the Christmas card collection, this is our 2007 design. I paint a new card each year and for the last four years they’ve introduced or incriminated various characters on our farm. This year’s card was tough because of the issues with T-Bone’s foot. I wasn’t sure how I would handle the “worst case scenario”, but finally realized that whatever happened, he’d always be with us in our hearts, just as are Sammy Super Dog, Punkin, Baby Beverly, Sophie and all our other much missed friends and family. Thankfully he’s still with us, fighting on bravely, and he’s glad to not be the “bad boy” on the card this year, a spot that can rightly only go to Boudreaux The Biter ;-).

The inside greeting is our repeated wish of Peace and Joy. Happy Holidays!


~Tonia~ said...

Lovely card. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and safe and happy new year.

Nancy K. said...

What an Extraordinary collection!! I need to come back and look again when I have more time ~ I'm going to have to order some of these.

You have captured 'the magic' beautifully!


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