Thursday, December 27, 2007

Don't Panic!

He's okay, just resting. I spied them from the back porch and couldn't resist snapping a picture...after I made sure that he was indeed just resting.

His buddies aren't always this kind. There has been some serious "paying back" going on, especially from Aria, the old bay mare, who's suffered the wrath of this young punk for several years now. She knows this is her window of opportunity and has used the time wisely to move herself up in the "pecking order" and is finally bossing someone else around for a change. Perhaps her most amusing act is waiting until I've let them out of their stalls in the morning and then marching right into T-Bone's stall and peeing. Take that! I can just see her holding it all night, just for this opportunity.

The good news is that he's making some progress with the bad foot and actually using it a little - a huge step forward, no pun intended. Perhaps a Christmas miracle?


~Tonia~ said...

So glad to hear that there is some progress. Couldn't have been the care that he has been getting? ;)

~Molly~ said...

Awesome news!! Love the pictures too.


ps, Happy New Year!!


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