Monday, June 25, 2007


I just gave three dogs a bath in less than 30 minutes! Thanks to Iris' Aunt Debbie for the Ortho Dial N Spray. It attaches to your garden hose and shoots the shampoo straight through all of even Boo's hair, right down to the skin. Scrub away and then dial it back to plain water and rinse. Could not have been easier.

I realize Iris looks completely traumatized in this picture. Rest assured it is not bath related, but due to some thunder building up in the distance.


overlook farm said...

My goodness they look so shiny and clean! Maybe a shorter bath is a little more tolerable. Iris, being the smarty pants in the group mentioned,...if it is going to rain anyway....couldn't I just play outside???

Tonight she is sleeping in the bed right next to you Marge. :-)

Anonymous said...

Alright, that just about sold me on it. It sounded good as described, but now that there's a personal testimonial, WELL, I'll just have to do it... the next time it comes up in the schedule for the annual bath!

I discovered a way around Blogger forgetting who I am each time and making me sign up again; post as "anon" & sign it. Just so you know...

~Tonia~ said...

Our lab loves to play in water, but has that look when he gets a bath. Guess he is mad that he is getting clean.

Did you get the storm from all the thunder? We did. The rain and wind was pretty strong for a while.


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