Sunday, June 24, 2007

Working Even Hardlier

Brushy and Claire Bear. Normal daily routine.

Wait! I think they are getting up.

Briefly. In Claire Bear's defense, I have actually seen her catch a mouse or two at the barn. Seems a bit improbable now in light of this photo evidence. Why is Ewen's hay still on the porch even though he's been living in the barn for over 3 weeks? It would be easier to scrub "sucker" off my forehead.



~Tonia~ said...

Your cats look like ours. Lounging around sleeping most of the day. Rough lives hu?

I wouldn't say sucker, I would call it love. ;)

Anonymous said...

These cats are obviously very tired. I think you should let them sleep until they get their energy back.

Like, maybe, next Monday.


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