Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hobbit House

While the rest of our little wrens are busy feeding babies, we have one couple that seems a bit behind and are still working to build the perfect house. I love to find tufts of our wool tucked into their nests and was even happier to see this house remodeling happening right outside my kitchen door. Hopefully the reason they are running so far behind is not due to a misfortune with one of our cats. They all wear bells so as to give the birds a bit of warning, but bad things still sometimes happen.

Notice our poor grass does not appear to be much different between this summer and last winter. We could sure use some rain.


overlook farm said...

Ooohhhhhh...Home sweet home...surely you've taken them a housewarming gift already? Maybe a nice potted plant with a big juicey workm in it!

~Tonia~ said...

What a cute little bird house. Love the wool flowing from it. I am sure that the love the wool too. Hopefully they will be raising a family soon.

Yes everyone needs to get some rain. I think a few days of a nice steady rain would do everyone some good.


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