Saturday, February 10, 2007

Three Days

Hold those neighborhood bets - I've made it three days without locking myself in the chicken coop! It's been really cold and the wooden door has shrunk. That's all I'm saying and Tim doesn't have access to post anything different. It's not such a bad place to spend some time and believe it or not, the company's not bad either. For more information on the Adventure Chickens, you can visit them at Even in this cold they've given us 5-7 eggs per day, so they're doing alright!

I guess I'm slowly introducing the cast of characters here at the farm. This is Iris, our Border Collie. She was a rescue that we got talked into "fostering". You know what happened. These are amazing dogs. They are truly born to herd. Even with no training she knew instinctively that she was supposed to do something with those silly sheep and she has figured how to watch the gates and doors while I'm feeding and she does the best job of any of us trying to get the chickens in line. Don't let them fool you - neither sheep nor chickens are stupid. They've got us all trained quite well.

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