Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Boo and the Barn Skunk

We start with a little bad news. Boo chased the black and white "kitty" yesterday morning. Here's a picture of Boo during a better day. He and Miss Tilly were cooling off in the Frog Pond during a hot spell last summer. Boo is the really big long haired dog.

Now I know the number one question is why on earth do you keep a barn skunk?!? Let me ask you this: if you had a barn skunk, how exactly would you get it to leave? I thought so. My skunk has been around for over two years, and up until now we've all gotten along just fine. I've even walked to within six feet of him/her and asked it what on earth it's doing - skunks can be very busy - and all I get is some vague mumbling and more digging around its front porch, also known as my hay shed.

Apparently with all the snow we've had, my skunk has been having trouble finding enough to eat and that's why I've been seeing it out under the bird feeder. This is also where Boo apparently found it. Long story short - get the Skunk Off stuff from your vet. It works.

Here's where it starts getting good. Tim, who most agree is a reasonably intelligent sort, has decided he's going to trap the skunk, throw a tarp over it, put it in the back of the truck and take it "out to the country" and set it free.

Tickets go on sale this weekend.

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